title : SSPX Pilgrimage, Rome 2000, Day 7: Saturday, August 12, Feast of St. Clare, Virgin
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+ Monte Gargano and San Giovanni Rotondo
There is Monte Gargano in the southeast of Italy It has a grotto, and a church in the grotto. The church was constructed to commemorate the apparition of the Archangel St. Michael. They say that St. Michael sanctified the church himself.

The Blessed Padre Pio's Crucifix in San Giovanni Rotondo. The Blessed was a Capuchin. The Blessed had five stigmas. However, the people couldn't see them, because the stigmas were hidden. The faithful could see them only at the moment of Elevation during the Holy Mass, though. It is called that the Blessed held on to Traditional Latin Mass.

The coffin of Padre Pio is enshrined at the basement of Church.

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