title : SSPX Pilgrimage, Rome 2000, Day 3: Tuesday, August 8, Feast of St. Jean Marie Vianney, the Curé of Ars, Confessor
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Day 3-Day5: Official Traditional Roman Pilgrimage by SSPX in the World

After 1970, year of the birth of the Society of St. Pius X, after 1974, year of the declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre, after 1976, year of the first major ordinations, 1988, year of the episcopal consecration, this Jubilee Year 2000 will be another historical landmark in the life of our Society. Not primarily because we are still alive after 30 long years of struggle, but especially with the Roman Pilgrimage which took place last August 8-10.

Rome! "This is my house! Because this is the house of Tradition!" said Archbishop Lefebvre to a group of Cardinals during one of his many trials in the Vatican, in the former Palace of the Holy Office. Yes, Rome, sweet home, as it has been justly said.

Day 3: Tuesday, August 8, Feast of St. Jean Marie Vianney, the Curé of Ars, Confessor
(Pilgrimage to the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls and St. Peter)

This was the First Day of Traditional Pilgrimage by SSPX. We were more than 5100 pilgrims who gathered in the hot afternoon of August 8 in the middle of the famous Via della Conciliazione , facing the magnificent dome of St. Peter. The Italian police had to close the large boulevard. It was said that we were the largest pilgrimage of the whole Jubilee so far. The procession was led by our Superior General who carried an eight feet tall cross; he was flanked by Fr. Schmidberger and Fr. Aulagnier, his two Assistants, as well as two other superiors. 250 black robes, priests, seminarians, brothers walked behind in an interminable procession of which the head reached the Holy Door before the end even started to move. Behind the black soutanes were more than one hundred sisters from various congregation, in various traditional habits: Teaching Dominicans, SSPX Sisters, Oblates, Sisters of the Transfiguration, Redemptoristines, Disciples of the Cenacle, Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart, and a few others. And then, the bulk of the 'army' of the Society (as a newspaper said): more than 4750 faithful from the four corners of the world.

It took more than one hour for all these, walking four abreast, to cross the threshold of the Holy Door, at the singing of the Litanies of the Saints (which had to be repeated three times!). How suitable to sing such Litanies, thanks to powerful loud speakers - outside and inside - this Basilica, which holds the bodies of 3 Apostles, of so many canonized and other great Popes, including St. Gregory the Great, the four St. Leos, the incorrupt body of St. Pius X, and so many other Saints in almost all of its corners. Why are there so many Saints and great relics in Rome? The answer is simple: Rome is the heart of the Catholic Church, which is holy by nature, by Divine vocation. Therefore it is quite fitting to find an overflowing abundance of fruits of sanctity in the Holy City. "A good tree bears good fruits."

The media, in the evening of that glorious day, were rather ironic: "It is the first time in the whole 2000 years of history of the Catholic Church that 5000 'schismatics' come on pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Peter, to pray for the Pope!"

Our own 70 Asian pilgrims surely didn't go unnoticed during the 3 days of the pilgrimage, even by the media, with their 16 colorful banners: one for the District of Asia, one for each of the 10 countries of the District(Philippines, China, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Japan, etc....), and a few others for the various organizations within the District. A big and public thanks must go to the Bethanians of Manila who worked so hard to make these banners on time for the pilgrimage.

+ Pilgrimage to the Basilca of St. Paul Outside the Walls
+ The pilgrims from Asia are entering in procession into the Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls.

+ The procession was led by our Superior General who carried an eight feet tall cross. The clergys and faithfuls are chanting 'the Veni Creator' on their knees, before the procession.

+ The pilgrims from Asia are waiting for their turn in order to have their procession to the Basilica.

+ The pilgrims are saying the Rosaries on their knees in the Basilica.

+ The pilgims are getting out of the Basilica with the big Cross, after the pilgrimage.

+ Pilgirmage to the Basilica of St. Peter
+ The pilgrims stands in rows for the procession at the center of Via Della Conciliazione. Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of SSPX carries the big Cross.

+ The clergys and faithfuls in procession to Holy Door. They are appoaching the entrance of Basilica.

+ The faithful passing through Plazza San Pietro.

+ Traditional pilgrims look at the Confession of the Basilica. It took more than an hour for the pilgrims to walk through Holy Door.

+ Four Bishops stand in rows in front of the Confession with other clergys of SSPX.

+ 5500 pilgrims are saying the Rosaries of 5 decades on their kness. They filled even the aisle.

+ Traditional pilgrims have moved to Altar of St. Pius X.  His body has not been spoiled.

+ The SSPX clergys have their picture taken at Plazza San Pietro.

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