title : Mar. 1st, 2020 Sunday Mass Sermon by Fr Chazal(The Fear of the flesh)
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 The Fear of the Flesh
First Sunday of Lent
1st March, 2020

The scale of the epidemic is quite big, but it is not the mortality rate (0.2% for people aged below 40) that impresses me. The self inflicted economic damage is already huge, and may trigger the forecast economic meltdown we has coming for years.

What is really spectacular is the level of fear in the population and the absolute trust in the mainstream media. If people had the same fear of sin and its consequences, how beautiful would it be?

In psalm 53 David says “they have not invoked the name of the Lord, there they fear where there was no fear.” Fear is based on love: if there is something you love a lot, great is the fear to lose it.

This civilization has been living on the exaltation of the flesh and its three concupiscences. So the very idea of dying is the ultimate fear, and the remote possibility of dying is still an immense fear. For the fear of being infected end up making immense material damage.

Yet, the truth is that we are only dust, so the only thing to be lost is dust. Because of sin, God told us “into dust thou shall return.” At first men lived 600 years average before returning to dust, but God saw that “the intent of man was only to evil.” Therefore He change the dial of our biological aging process to 120 years average. Yet, that was still not enough; again, “the thoughts of men are still intent onto evil.” The dial was lowered again to 70 years, approximately.

Dust we are, it is the truth. Look at the speed we age. David says “my years have passed like a cobweb.” “By body is packing as fast as the tent of the nomads.” Isaias says “all flesh is grass.” We are just grass when we live, ash when we die.

The same goes with our memory on earth. Our relatives will mourn us for a while, but their lives will need to carry on, and they will also die until there is no one to remember us. Which of us in this room can name his ancestors of 200 years ago? The Pharaos were aware of this, therefore they built huge tombs to themselves... Yet, the bigger the tomb, the bigger the plunder!

Hence the next human idiocity, since it is obvious we are ashes, is to fake to be young. It is a multi-billion sector of the economy, and Korea is far ahead in this sector. Let’s do everything to forget death, since the problem won’t go away.

As she was aging, Queen Elizabeth I of England used cosmetic creams based on lead to give her skin an ivory perfection. It turned out that the lead ate her skin, turning her face into monstrous leper like difformity. The same happened with her hands of which she was priding herself so much... And chronicles say that when that cruel queen died, she ate them.

She had made a pact with the devil; but there is the story of Queen Isabella of Portugal, the most beautiful wife of the Catholic Emperor Charles V of Spain. Her death in the flower of young age devastated her husband, and sent the whole kingdom in tremendous mourning.

All the cities of Spain wanted to give her state funeral, so she had to be transported around the country in the middle of the summer, something that accelerated the putrefaction of the corpse. Therefore they added another sealed lead coffin to contain the stench, but that was not enough. A third was made, even more tightly, yet the stench got through as the gasses pushed their way past the bolts.

Came the time to bury her finally, and nobles had to be summon to authenticate her. As they opened the last coffin, only her clothes could be recognized as thousands of worms were feasting on her flesh. One of the nobles, Francis Borgia, who was a sinner, was so struck that from sinner he became Saint Francis Borgia, and a great reformer of the Church.

On the contrary, God Himself is enamoured with the beauty of one soul in the state of grace, and like Judith, if the soul is clean, God adds beauty to the body. “If thy eye is clear, [the eye is the gate of the soul], the rest of the body is clean.”

Ultimately it is also the body that shall profit from the health, a youth and beauty of the soul. “I know that my redeemer liveth, said Job, and with the eyes of my flesh I shall see Him.”

I wish you a happy and fearless lenten fast, belong to God always and all is safe and fear is dead.

+ Fr. Chazal

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