title : Feb. 2nd, 2020 Purification of BVM Mass Sermon by Fr Chazal(Candlemas)
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The Feast of Presentation of OLJ & Purification of BVM
2nd February, 2020

The candle represents the presence of grace, and our own life consuming itself for the honor and glory of Our Lord, who expects us “to hold a lit lamp in our hands”... That very same lamp we received on the day of our baptism.

There was a spectacular apparition of Our Lady of the candles on the Azores islands, 100 years before the missionaries converted the place to Christianity. Moreover in the message of Quito the most dramatic moment is when Our Lady says that the candle that diminishes almost to nothing represents the great famine of sacraments in our time.

But what is the meaning of the purification of Our Lady? Nothing more than Her humility. Just like Our Lord did not need to be circumcised to be purified from original sin. St Paul says he was under the law in order to free us from the law. Our Lady already imitates the humility of Her Son.

Today nations are dying because women refuse to give life and are feminists. Modern governments throw money in the problem, and the problem just becomes worse since the fertility rate, after leveling at 1.2 for a few years, is now plunging to 0.87 nationwide and 0.65 Seoul which will divide the population by 75% in every generation.

I have never imagined that when Our Lady said “nations will disappear” nations would disappear by their own hand, not by foreign invasions or atomic mushroom cloud. The problem is deeply rooted in the soul and a very specific miracle is required. A priest told me a long time ago “when a man’s heart is twisted by sin, it is reparable, with some difficulty perhaps. But when a woman’s heart is twisted, it is impossible to repair.”

For instance it is very difficult to persuade women to be feminine and modest. In this chapel you are, but outside, in the world you are not, so that there is one attire for you in the House of God and one attire for you in the world out there. This fashion is condemned by Deuteronomy XXII & St Paul, constant practice of the Church and more recently Our Lady of Fatima.

A young men’s presence is increasing here, I don’t see young ladies; worse, there are no teenage girls or ladies in their twenties here. Then the whole organization and belief of modern society is for the destruction of the family. Movies of old, like “The Little House in the Prarie” series, used to portray what a happy family is, and girls used to dream to start one. Now, no girls, no dream. The Catholic author Tolkien, prophecised this with the lament of the ents for the loss of the entwives.

Hence, along with the oblation of Her Divine Son, Our Lady presents Her Motherly Heart. As God watches, He sees how unnecessary the ritual of purification is for Her, and delights in Her humility which is the cause of His coming into Her womb.

But perhaps, if these rites are not for Her, they are for other women whose heart need to be purified. Modern governments(at least those who have common sense like Putin Trump Orban Salvini etc...) are on their knees, but fail to realize that the problem is deep in the heart of man. After generations of fight against nature and grace several nations are beginning to disappear.

As a priest I can mention the problem, do the little enforcement in this chapel but I know full well the solution is not in my hand but in Her hands. It is Her I implore to touch the hearts of Her daughters and She certainly knows it is a question of life and death for both the Church and the world.

If Her triumph is the triumph of Her Heart, it means it is a triumph of One Heart over other hearts that were closed beforehand to Her influence.

Better leave it entirely to Her: She has all the power required.

+ Fr. Chazal

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