title : Jan. 5th, 2020 Sunday Mass Sermon by Fr Chazal(Holy Name)
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 Holy Name
The Feast of Holy Name of Jesus
5th January, 2020

 “Hallowed be Thy Name” is the first demand of the Our Father, out of seven. We have been created for the glory of His Name. We sanctify the Sunday to sanctify the day to His Name and whatever we do is in His Name. Christian countries always start their constitution in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Our help is in the Name of the Lord, “Adiutorium nostrum in nomine Domini.” What other help can we possibly invoke as our situation is so dire? It is to exalt the glory of His Name that God allows things to be so critical at times. Certainly, alongside the Name of Jesus, the Name of Mary is going to play a great role to crush feminism and rebuilt the institution of marriage.

The Name of Jesus means Savior, so to say Jesus is my Savior is a pleonasm, it means the same. Originally it comes from Joshuah, who is a figure of Ieshua or Jesus. Moses was not allowed to establish his people because he represents the Old Law. Joshua introduces the people into the Holy Land and vanquishes their enemies. So it is in our soul: Jesus make us enter by the waters of baptism, represented by the waters of the Jordan River, then fight for us and with us against sins, until all our sins are exterminated.

The devotion to the IHS sign that you see on the conopeum of the altar was introduced by St. Bernardine of Sienna, a Franciscan. He went from town to town, brandishing that name and vast crowds were converted, and especially for Italy, Vendettas were put to an end. It was later adopted by the Jesuits as their emblem, because they are the Society of Jesus. Pope Sixtus Vth, a choleric man, took it bad, saying “Why do I have to uncover my head every time I mention your congregation?” He told the Jesuit they had 8 days to remove the Name of Jesus otherwise they would be excommunicated.

Father Aquaviva wasn’t fazed and ordered a novena to the Name of Jesus to be said. At the end of the novena Pope Sixtus V was dead!

Also on this altar, on the tabernacle veil you can see the Px, which is the P(Chi) & x(Rho), the two first letters of the Name Christ in Greek.

Emperor Constantine saw this Name in the heavens while on his horse, with this inscription “in hoc signo, vinces”, by that sign thou shall conquer. So he ordered this monogram to be placed on the standard of each legions and soon won the battle of the Milvian Bridge against Maxentius. That ended 300 years of persecutions.

The Name of Jesus is the greatest short prayer, and was on the lips of St. Joan of Arc while the flames were burnning her alive. 10,000 people were watching and they went all home heart struck. Even the cruel English soldiers confessed they had burnt a saint.

St. Bernard says the Name of Jesus is light, warmth and food and medicines, same properties as olive oil. “Thy Name is a shedding of oil,” says the canticle. We are anointed by the Name of Christ who is the light of our ignorant intellect, the medicine of our wicked will, the food of our hungry soul and the medicine of warmth of our cold hearts.

The Holy Rosary relies heavily on the power of that Name and pairs it with the Name of Mary, who asked that the prayer “O My Jesus” be added to every decades.

+ Fr. Chazal

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