title : November 3rd, 2019 Sunday Mass Sermon of 21th Sunday after Pentecost, by Fr Chazal(7 Weapons)
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 7 Weapons
Twenty First Sunday after Pentecost
3rd November, 2019

Our stay on earth is brief, but very intense. There is no time to lose, because the fight and tribulations are only in time, and after time has elapsed, as it surely will, all fighting shall cease. There will be no war, but only the memory of it, no strive, no unhappiness, no tears, no enemies to face....But only on condition we win this present struggle.

That is why St. Paul doesn’t want us to disarm, but to be vigilant and to face the constant pressure of our enemy. The devil normally does not bother those who go from mortal sin to mortal sin, but he leaves no peace to those who really want to go to heaven, and he hates and fights those who also want others to go to heaven.

St. Paul mentions two pieces of dress(the cincture and sandals), three defensive weapons(the helmet, shield and armour) and just one offense one(the sword). In my opinion, the seventh is the will to fight, something easily lost today among the Novus Ordo, and even the Neo-SSPX and Motu Proprio Latin Mass crowd.

But you may say that the will to fight is the helmet, that the fathers of the Church understand as the constant desire of Heaven, which is, by the way, the object of the second glorious mystery of the Rosary. What do we fight for except for eternal life? We don’t care about global warming, because we know that this world will be consumed by fire(and Korean winters are still biting cold). We don’t fight modern Crusades for democracy, feminism, socialism, as Pope Francis does; these are all lies. All we care is our eternal station in life, Heaven.

But next is the all important breastplate of justice, which is nothing other than the state of grace. Without the state of grace, our internal spiritual organs are dead. That is why they must be protected both by an immediate armour to project the vital organs. There again, we must not fool ourselves: if we consent to sin we are not with God and God is not with us. The battle is lost because we have allowed evil to penetrate.

When he fails to bypass our individual armour, the devil launchs external projectiles, false religions, Vatican II, public lies and distortions, commotions against the truth, false reasonings, liberal missiles... Unless our faith is strong we are not shielded, we are ready to take any blow from outside even though we may be doing alright personally by still wearing the helmet and breastplate.

In ancient Greece, soldiers found without their large circular shield were understood as having fled the enemy and would face capital punishment. This was especially necessary since the phalanx would protect all the soldiers by locking the shields together. Romans would even form the ‘testudo’ with their big shields. Because so many Catholics have dropped their shied of faith, many others have fled the battlefield. The contrary is also true: the faith of others, and their ardour to defend it, make our own faith stronger. Hence faith is a shield.

Two things endanger our survival in the spiritual life, 1) lust and by extension lower desires and 2) greed or attachment to the goods of this world. Hence we gird ourselves with the truth, especially the knowledge of divine justice if we follow impurity, and we wear spiritual sandals.

Sandals are lightweight, low maintenance(don’t require smelly socks) and enable to walk faster. Let us unburden ourselves of the cares of the world. I know you are in the world, and you are not religions, so you have things to attend to, but at least get rid of the worry of these things and do not allow these temporal things to populate all your thoughts. Otherwise you will be bogged down like the French knights at the battle of Agincourt... The English made mountains with their corpses.

Then, and only then, can we contend to attack the enemy and slash his vile lies with the true doctrine, the word of God, which is both scripture and tradition. All of us are expected to take part in the wielding of the sword but on condition that all other spiritual equipment is in place and in good condition. There is nothing that kills more the devil than the truth and the telling of the truth, and what has caused so much damage is the failure of seemingly good men to tell the truth and indulged in sinful silence.

+ Fr. Chazal

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