title : September 1st, 2019 Mass Sermon of 12th Sunday after Pentecost, by Fr Chazal
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 The Good Samaritan
Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
September 1st, 2019

To be better Good Samaritans, let us admire the greatest of them, the one who gave us the parable Our Lord Himself. What He did went far beyond.

The man who fell by the road was not responsible for his demise. Us sinners are responsible for our sins, yet, thankfully, Our Lord treats us as if we had just been poor victims and not wicked perpetrators... That is a big difference. It is as if God was trying to make excuses for us.

The next big difference is that Our Lord fell in the hands of evil doers while trying to rescue us. It is as if the priest and levite turned against the Samaritan and called the robbers to attack the rescuing Samaritan. The High Priest understood that: “He saves the others but is incapable to save himself.” That’s exactly the point.

Then the third difference is the worse. In the Gospel narrative, the wounded man accepts the help of the Samaritan and is taken to the nearest hostel where he recovers. But us, sinners, we resist Christ who tries to save us, nay, turn even against Him while He tries to save us by falling back into sin.

Some even turn against their savior, mock Him. When I was in the Army, a fellow French soldier was mocking the crucifix, saying how lame an idea it was to go and show oneself on the cross. Muslims reject the idea as well: “Allah can not debase himself, as you infidels are saying.” For all is efforts, Our Lord gets more incomprehension. Which one of us wouldn’t quit and say: “You don’t want my help? Then get lost.”

Not so with Our Lord. That gave to the missionaries of old great courage. When the French tried to build the Panama Canal, many, perhaps 15,000 worker died of yellow fever, as the remedy was unknown at the time. 27 Sisters of Charity were sent there to staff the hospital... Instead of turning around and flee, they stayed, dying one after the other until only two were left alive. The French failed to build the canal, but what the Sisters did was greater. Many of these poor wretches died in the state of grace.

After all, Our Lord was not so unsuccessful. His own lack of success with His own people enabled Him to instill the right mentality. Had He converted the Jews, His later disciples would take setbacks and failures the wrong way. Instead, we are attracted to do the same, in our little way of course.

When we don’t get what we want, we don’t get unbittered like pagans... So we keep our will to fight on and leave the final outcome to God. As for Asia, I don’t have all I want by far, yet no priest has been lost. On the contrary, new ones have arrive, and they cover India, Australia and New Zealand, which I don’t need to visit any longer. I commend to your prayers the ordination of my seminarians. If this happens, a greater presence here can follow your relatively increased numbers.

Vocations are harder to find; it is understandable, because there is a very hard way ahead. Victory is not our decision, but God’s. He sets all the terms. One of His terms is that we help in the salvation of others.

It is the best way to save ourselves anyways: “He who loses his life will find it.”

+ Fr Chazal

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