title : August 15th, 2019 Assumption of the B.V.M. Mass Sermon, by Fr Picot
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 Assumption of the B.V.M.

August 15th, 2019

Dear Faithful,
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was defined recently in 1950 by Pope Pius XIIth. Yet the bodily assumption of Mary into Heaven has long been held as a certain truth of the Catholic Faith.

In the Eastern Church, as soon as the Vth century, the Assumption was celebrated under the name of the Dormition of the Virgin. Dormition means: the falling asleep. In the year 588, the whole eastern Church was unanimous in celebrating this feast on the 15th of August.

During the 7th century, Pope Sergios introduced the celebration of this feast in Rome under the name of the Assumption, thus commemorating more the ascending of the Virgin’s body into Heaven, than Her death.

It must be noted that the Church does not teach whether Mary really died or simply slept. So both opinions are held by saints and bishops of the ancient times. If Mary really died, then soon after she rose from death as Her Son and then was taken up into Heaven by angels. If Mary only fell into an ecstatic sleep then She woke up to ascend into Heaven.

Also there are 2 main traditions as where the Assumption took place. Some Fathers of the Church say in Ephesus others say in Jerusalem.

But through the course of history the certainty that the B.V.M. was taken up, body and soul, into Heaven, dimmed among the Catholics especially in the West. Thus in the 19th century discussion arose about the reality of the Assumption. Therefore in 1950, Pius XII made used of his power of infallibility to re-affirm the ever believed truth: Mary is in Heaven not only with Her Immaculate soul but also with Her Glorified body.

What are some of the lessons for us to learn from this mystery? They are the same lessons that Our Lady gave us in Fatima. We are to pray, make sacrifices and do penance for the poor sinners who are offending God.

Mary’s Assumption is the promise of our own resurrection from the grave and assumption into Heaven at the end of the world...provided we pray. For without pray we can not remain faithful in our service to God.

Mary’s Assumption is the proof how profitable is to make sacrifices. Not the least is the surrender of bodily pleasures that are contrary to the will of God. If now on earth we give up sinful attachments, if now on earth we endure what is painful to us but pleasing to God, we shall enjoy Heaven with Christ and His Mother in the eternity.

And finally Mary’s Assumption is a call to penance. Pope Pius XIIth expressed the hope that this feast will introduce a spirit of penance, a true love of the Cross. For Mary would never had the glory of Assumption if she had refused to share the cruel Passion and bitter Death of Her Son for the salvation of the poor sinners.

May Our Lady of the Assumption obtain for us an increasing fidelity to pray, make sacrifices and penance.

+ Fr Picot

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