title : June 2nd, 2019 Mass Sermon of Sunday after the Ascension, by Fr Chazal
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 Sunday after the Ascension

June 2nd, 2019

All is well that ends well; nothing whatsoever good is any good that ends bad. Heaven is the goal of everything, but the main part of it, the beatific vision, can not be known by us in this life.

God told Moses: “If you see me, you will die.” Man is simply not equipped to withstand this infinite effusion of love, the fervor of which no blaze, no explosion, no conflagration in nature can match. You could say that even a nuclear explosion is a pale image of the beatific vision. The sun is cold and dark compared to that fire.

Yet it is only at the hour of death that the soul; once detached from its body, sees that it is created only to receive that light of the created world loses its flavor and importance, but not before. Before we tend to be carnal and pay way too much attention to those trifles.

Trifles indeed. St. James says that our life here is not even a cloud of smoke: “It is a vapor that begets nothing.” In fact sinners trade their beatific & eternal vision of God for a vapor...

If only it were only that, but, says St. Thomas, God gives us a multiplier of happiness; an interesting device that both prevents us to be disintegrated by the infinite power of this light, and enables us to grasp more of it. Sunglasses enable you to see the sun, but they block its rays. The light of glory is an adaptor, placed directly on the ‘retina’ of the soul that enables it to capture more of God’s infinite essence.

It is as if God would give more taste buds to the eater, so that the taste of anything would be enhanced ten time. It is like getting the sense of smell of a dog, so we can trace smells kilometers away...

But this ‘adapter’ of beatific vision varies a lot in size from soul to soul, on a scale of 1 to one million.

What is amazing is that we have only this short life to prepare for getting this degree of glory. This degree of glory depends on the level of desire we die with. For instance any overcome temptation leaves behind a greater desire for God, a greater level of charity, hence an eternal higher degree of happiness in heaven.

The consequence is so huge that we can wonder why God is leaving us so little time to reach the type of place alloted to us forever.

Well, it is like when you buy silverware. Perhaps you spend one minute thinking which type you are going to buy, but it will be on your table, in your washing machine, in your cupboards for 40 years normally.

We have been created for heaven, not for earth. We have not been made to stay here. This earth is just a selection chamber, an exam hall. Do you remember all your exam halls? Did you ever intend to settle there? No. When the exam was over, they took your paper and showed you the door.

Secondly, our degree of glory is determined by God first; then our efforts, with the assistance of grace, enable us to reach it. That is why, very great saints died early: they reached the level of perfection intended by God almost immediately, and God took them. St. Paul said “The world was not worthy of them.”

How little we have been created for this world is amazing; and this whole world which has still beautiful things to be contemplated shall be all molten by fire down to the last spoon & pin.

That’s why Our Lord would not stay here with us, and that’s why Our Lady suffered so much for having to stay 17 more years before being at last assumed in heaven.

+ Fr Chazal

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