title : May 5th, 2019 Mass Sermon of the 2nd Sunday after Easter, by Fr Chazal
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 Good Shepherd

The 2nd Sunday after Easter

May 5th, 2019

MDF, We, the scattered sheep of prophet Zachary have been utterly scattered by today shepherds. It almost seems that the job of a shepherd is to scatter the sheep today, instead of gathering them by teaching the faith. They teach that the wolves are not that bad, that the sheep can go anywhere they like as long as they mean well, and they put mercenaries; cruel, cowardly and greedy men, in charge.

Yet Our Lord is the shepherd: “I am the Good One,” meaning, all the others are fakes, mercenaries, wolves. It also means good priests, bishops and popes are not shepherds, except through Christ. It means they can turn bad, and the church will go on, with difficulty, with still Christ as the head. The pope is a secondary, moral, visible head. He is called a Vicar, because in Latin it means ‘temporary replacement’ who was told by Christ, like the innkeeper was told by the Samaritan: “Take a good care of him until I return.”

What we see now is the contrary. The poor man that was found half dead on the side of the road gets a worse treatment that the one he got from the road robbers. People who join the official church today have a greater chance to lose the faith than to keep it. For instance, the Filipinos who don’t go to church very much have kept the faith in most places. Their situations is dangerous, but we see the closer they get from the rotten, apostate and homosexual clergy, the more damage is done to their mind.

Just like our ‘Alta Vendita’ enemies were planning to take over the offices of shepherds, 200 years ago, saying it will take a long time for their ideas to infect the mind of our shepherd, so it is for us: it will take a long time for our ideas, for tradition to make its way back in the minds of shepherds.

If our enemies, working for Satan, looked at their distant goal with satanic hope of success, how much more must we truly hope and believe that Christ is going to return us good shepherds again?

We already have the good shepherd on our side. The fact that He was crucified by the shepherds of His times(Annas, Caiaphas and the 72 strong Sanhedrin with 24 princes of priests, 24 scribes and 24 pharisees) only confirms that shepherds can turn against both the purpose for which they were established and even crucify the only Good Shepherd there is.

We must not worry exceedingly about this, because these evil men only reveal the true shepherd; he who can only be revealed by the violence, the insults, and the death his enemies land upon him. Notice that it is the same today: one can truly expect the shepherd to return after being struck.

We are not wholly abandoned either: 4 bishops, and some priests in all the corners of the world. What matters is the will to lay down one’s life, either by blood or by just giving one life’s away year after year.

As to the sending of shepherds it is always God’s decision. “I will send them shepherd according to my heart,” said Jeremias. Why is God sending so few now that we are so lost is a mystery.

Our period looks like trial and error. It looks like an army with a succession of bad generals... Like in the American Civil War when President Lincoln had to sack one general after the other... Mc Dowell, Mc Lellan, Pope, etc. Everybody is praying for a good pope and even many Novus Ordo, and even some non catholics are aware of the situation. Even in Italy, this Italian named pope is not popular, doesn’t fit any more. Something is amiss, something is brewing.

Usually God let us marinate in our own stew. Good popes of the past were persecuted or put to death. The French and other revolutions killed a lot of priest as well, and they were not listened to in their times. That’s why God sent us bad shepherds, for a time, to taste the difference.

For my part, my quest is to find other shepherds, and train them. It has been the hardest thing to do, for the rest is simple; be a shepherd, give things away to the hungry.

What I cannot do, I leave it to the Mother of the Good Shepherd. She made a promise in Fatima, and She holds the keys of grace for who know, another Peter.

+ Fr Chazal

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