title : April 7th, 2019 Passion Sunday Mass Sermon, by Fr Chazal
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 Passion Sunday
April 7th, 2019

Seeing us so hopelessly mired into evil, Our Lord came to rescue us with great Passion. Facing Him is the enemy of our salvation, the devil, and all his instruments, like the Jews in this Gospel, pouring out insults at Him, before reaching for stones to kill Him.

The sacred humanity of Our Lord was passionate, and a royal passionate blood was flowing into His veins, inherited from the passionate David. All the prophets who foretold Him were passionate, like Daniel whom God called a ‘man of desire’. The temperament of most saints is of the passionate type, and people of dull and mediocre temperament find salvation with difficulty, because Our God is a burning fire.

So Our Lord purposedly surrounds Himself with enemies, prefers to be born in people who will turn against Him, and allows envy, hatred and indignation to climax now, after three years of public life.

In the very interesting letter of Pilate to emperor Tiberius, Pilate tries to explain he did all he could to cool down the situation, all in vain.

He invited Our Lord to come in his palace, and after praising Him abundantly, asked Him if He could tune down His attacks against the Pharisees, because their anger was mounting... To whom Our Lord replied: “One can not stop a river from flowing.”

We see evil so well entrenched in this Gospel. The enemies of Our Lord have no interest for His doctrine and they only see His miracles, including the resurrection of Lazarus, as counter manoeuvres to take people away from them.

Like the devil “who didn’t stand in the Truth” they have lost all sense of the Truth, and the more Our Lord produces evidences of His Divinity, the more they hate Him.

Hence, as you know so well, after giving the Jews all their chances, as he does with every sinner, Our Lord turns the force of evil upon Himself, to offer for us, the sacrifice of immolation.

And it is with an infinite deliberation that He throws Himself into the hands of Judas, Annas and Caiaphas, “This is your hour, and the power of darkness.” Go ahead, do with me all that you like, all that you have craved to do in three long years; this is your time, I belong to you.

Not that Our Lord wants to belong to them, but to belong to us. This tells us a lot more than a tender embrace or a sweet spiritual consolation. Our Lord was hungry, but to be eaten, to be devoured. He uses the flood of anger that surrounds Him to reveal the fire that burns his heart. All their cruelty, in the end, can only produce this lament: “Father, forgive them...”

All this is just simply adorable; therefore we should be thankful to Our Blessed Lord to invite us to join Him in His passionate combat against evil. We were wondering why this crisis of the Church turned out to be so extensive, why evil was allowed to triumph so much, even within the Church.

The wonderful story of Sister Mary Elizabeth provides us yet another clue: here is a little nun, all alone, standing for the Truth, against Bishop Egan, Fr Bouchacourt(No 3 of the SSPX), Fr Robert Brucciani(Superior of District), and Fr John Brucciani, rector of the school...etc. Basically she just stood in the Truth: “You can not welcome into our school and put into contact with our children a bishop who has lost the faith, and who went into a mosq to tell Muslims they need not to convert.” She refused, with her four other nuns to join the Rosary led by the bishop.

They then threw her out. She now stays with Fr King, the resistance priest of Scotland. Her letter is beautiful and ought to be translated in Korean. I insist, my friends, this is exactly how the Catholic Church is being rebuilt... Just like it was built on the dogma of the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which the Moslem deny, and which the Novus Ordo allow them to deny, or even deny themselves.

Our Lady must be most pleased to have such a daughter and Our Lord to have a wonderful spouse. Yes, the time of lent is a time of penance, but Our Good Lord has called us to do something even better, with Him, in Him and for Him.

Blessed be His most Holy Name.

+ Fr Chazal

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