title : March 3rd, 2019 Quinquagesima Sunday Mass Sermon, by Fr Chazal
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 Quinquagesima Sunday

March 3rd, 2019

My dear faithul,
I was sitting in the bus, an old lady came, nobody stood up to give her a sit: this is what is called carnal behavior. The opposite of it is the virtue of charity that loves our neighbor less than one’s soul but much more than one’s body, one’s time, one’s means, one’s comfort and one’s security.

In Cebu, and elsewhere, our young parents have lots of children, that’s really wonderful, and your help has rehoused many of them and provided medications, etc.... We cannot be too grateful to you.

Yet, you have no idea of the quantity of blame they take when they announce to modern people that another baby is on the way: “You are crazy,” “You are irresponsible,” and even “You are selfish!” The spirit of the flesh condemns the spirit of charity.

Pope Francis is the leader of this crusade of the flesh... Following John Paul II and his heretical “theology of the body”, he divinize our mortal body, and even talks about the dignity of sex... Saying it is “an interpersonal language wherein the other is taken seriously in his or her sacred human dignity”...

As a consequence, he promotes birth control, communion after divorce and remarriage, school sex ed., mixed marriages, family planning, women in seminaries, and even same sex marriages “that must be provided respectful pastoral guidance.”

What is the position of the Catholic Church about the flesh? What can we say about the body? Very simple: it is ash.

Call me a liar if it is not the case. If you don’t like it that way, agree with Isaias at least “all flesh is grass”. If you don’t like grass, call it death, like St. Paul, moaning in Romans “miserable me, who shall deliver me from this body of death?” St. Francis called his body a stupid donkey, good for nothing but to carry burden. St. Phillip Neri would shave half of his beard and parade in the streets to ridicule it.

It is quite the opposite of today’s civilization that takes the body so seriously. I’m not asking you to endanger your death; for fasting is the best remedy to hypertension, cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, etc... If you observe the moderate fasting of lent your doctor will be happy at the result; so be nice and don’t make him sad.

The difficulty is that our body is so near to us, and so intimate to what we are; yet it is less than 0.0000001% of what we are. Our soul is so infinitely more... Our soul is so happy when it flies, prays easily, loves to spend time with its sole food and nourishment: Our Lord Jesus Christ.

And it helps to fast for other reasons: fasting humbles the soul. David said, “I humbled by soul in fasting.” Some devils can’t be cast out except “by prayer and fastings.”

Women naturally love to fast to stay slim, so I encourage you to be modest at all times, even if being modest in Church, by wearing a skirt, is a good beginning. Your charm and beauty is only a means to an end, and in the end it is grass. Humility is the beauty of the soul; even God cannot resist humility.


Men on the contrary love a lot more to eat, yet need fasting more in order to resist the temptation of lust. Men should not pride themselves in their strength, for it is nothing but grass. That is why God sends them, more often, very humiliating diseases and they die earlier to pay for this pride.

The slavery of today is a slavery of many addictions, if not drug, smoking and alcohol, it is a slavery to pornography, video games, gadgets that make people slaves, who are enslaved and controlled by today economic empires.

Hence, when Our Lord announces that his flesh is going to be crucified, they did not understand, and the text says it three times... And to stress the point, Our Lord cures a blind man. Hence if you do not understand, and if the flesh blinds your spirit still, cry in your soul, on the top of your lungs. Only Him can open your prison.

+ Fr Chazal

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