title : January 1st, 2019 Circumcision of J.C. Mass Sermon, by Fr Picot
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Circumcision of Jesus Christ
January 1st, 2019

At the beginning of a New Year, the first act of a Catholic is to turn his eyes back and consider all the benefits God bestowed upon him during the past year.

Therefore this day shall be a day of thanksgiving for the many graces received, and I do not mention all the natural goods God granted us to sustain our lives. He gave us to live for many years already, which amounts to an enormous quantity of goods, needed to our lives. In addition He bestowed upon us the divine life by baptism. And again with it He granted us an innumerable quantity of other graces needed to keep us alive spiritually.

So many natural and supernatural benefits demand a heart-felt gratitude. Today we must increase our sentiment of gratitude for all the graces received in 2018.

Let us say to God: “What shall I return to the Lord..?” God gave me so much, how shall I simply start to return a little something? At least I must give myself up to Him.

Our debt to God is immense, actually infinite. God alone knows its immensity. So the least we can and must do is to give up ourself and live for Him alone following the desires of His Will.

Thus at the dawn of a new year let us renew again our resolution to serve God; to give Him a testimony of complete submission to His Will in the midst of a liberal world that rejected His Kingship.

+ Fr Picot

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