title : December 30th, 2018 Sunday Mass Sermon, by Fr Picot
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Sunday within the Octave of Christmas
December 30, 2018

The birth of Jesus is a mystery so rich in graces. The grace overflows from the humanity of Jesus and reaches out to us, takes us miserable children of Adam and makes us be born again of God.

As the Holy Ghost overshadowed Mary to make Her Virgin Mother of the Son of God, thus He also rested upon the waters of baptism and from them made us be born children of God.

Jesus was made Man that we might become children of God. He was born in the time that we can be born in eternity. He was born of the Virgin Mary that we can be His brothers and heirs of the Kingdom of God.

But about entering the Kingdom, Jesus said: “The Kingdom of Heaven is to the little ones and those who resemble them.” Even Jesus had to become a little child to open us the gate of the Kingdom.

Every child has some defects. Yet every child presents also qualities which too often fades as he grows. The qualities of childhood are: docility, abandonment to God’s Providence, some sort of humility and above all a sense of purity and innocence. Alas, they all fade quickly like snow in the sunshine.

Jesus, little child of Nazareth, possesses all those virtues and in perfection. He can and wants to pour them out in our souls. Let’s ask Him and let’s pray that He who became child for us, makes us become children for Him.

Then about entering the Kingdom, Jesus said also: “If any one wants to be my disciple let him renounce himself, take his cross and follow me.”

If the angels could be jealous of us, they would wish to be able to suffer for God. But they cannot. They have the merit of perfect innocence, angelic purity. They also not have the merit of suffering for and with Jesus.

So to enter the Kingdom of perfect joy, there are the two conditions: child and cross. See how 2 days after Christmas the Church celebrate the birthday in Heaven of the Holy Innocents: the children who suffered for and in place of Jesus.

This is the Christian vocation. Each of us must strive to be pure as the Holy Innocents and be ready to suffer any thing small or great to achieve in our lives what Jesus started in His.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary place in our wills the resolution to imitate the Holy Innocents.

+ Fr Picot

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