title : December 25th, 2018 Christmas Mass Sermon, by Fr Picot
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December 25, 2018

Dear Faithful,
Jesus is the gift of the Holy Trinity to the fallen human race and this gift is God Himself.

Who receives with good will this divine gift, Jesus, and keep Him by a holy life, will enjoy to fruits: spiritual joy and true peace.

We are joyful when we possess the goods which satisfy us. But God made us for Him so that our heart is instinctively thirsty for enjoying the presence of God. Let us attach ourselves to Jesus and we shall feel the lasting joy of our heart at rest in the presence of God.

Then the second fruit of the coming of Jesus is true peace. It is a common thing to say that peace comes from love. Yet it is not exact. Peace comes from the love of discipline. And Jesus revealed us the true discipline of live. Discipline by which we are regenerated and thus becoming a new creature; becoming God-like beings.

So, Christmas brings us joy and peace. Yet it is only as far as we are determined to attach ourselves to Jesus, true God; to Jesus, true teacher of holy life; to Jesus source of all goodness.

+ Fr Picot

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