title : December 2nd, 2018 Sun. Mass Sermon, by Fr Chazal
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1st Sunday of Advent
December 2nd, 2018

Is this the End?

The end of the world is the beginning of the second and final world. In the end, Christians are worldly people, of the right kind, because of the right world. Satan being the prince of this world, Our Lord being the prince of His everlasting world, we give Satan the boot and despise his word despite its ‘pomps’...despite its big showy an glittering appearance.

You may wonder at the triumph of evil today and the so many souls that have lost sight of eternal life. It seems that many apocalyptic signs are in place: the great Babylon, the pits of error, the locusts and dragons, all people of the earth being deceived. It is really striking, as I teach the commentary of the fathers this year... It seems these tremendous Scriptures are being fulfilled.

Yet we must not do like the Protestants, who time and again said the end of the world is coming.. And nothing came.

Nothing came because other things are yet to come: for instance Elias & Enoch. Our Lord says prophet Elias will come again, “To restore all Things.” Therefore it cannot be the end of the world if Elias does not come first.

St Paul also says the Jews must convert before the end of the world. “They call themselves Jews, but are in fact the synagogue of Satan...I will make them lay prostrate before thee,” says the Apocalypse. Well the Jews are not that prostrate before the true church these days...It is more the new church that is prostrate before them.

As to the sun, the moon not giving light and the stars falling from the sky...It is happening right now:
- Christ, our sun is so difficult to find in our modern cities
- The church, symbolized by the moon has been obscured by Vatican II
- And the starry bishops have fallen from the sky, in vast numbers.

John Paul II looked like anti-church; like him he faked death, came back and got himself and his images worshipped. In his times the whole world worshipped him, and his doctrine is about man, man and man: Christ came on earth to reveal man to Himself. 666 is the number of man.

Yet we must not fall into the Protestant sensationalist trap...Otherwise we are going to discredit our religion. The only end of the world that we need to face is our own death. Once our eyes close on this world, they will only open on the next world. All that matters is that they shall open on all eternal, infinite world of happiness and divine love.

And if perchance we get to attend the actual end of the world, if we are in the state of grace, all that is left for us is to rejoice both at our own salvation, as Our Lord says; and at the passing of a world that was so unjust to God for so long.

Protestants have also come with a ridiculous notion of ‘rapture’ when in fact Thessalonians and Gospels refer only to the difference between a person in the state of grace and the state of sin. Your soul is an eternal world, losing it is the worse thing possible and the only thing worth trembling for.

But in the hands of Our Lady it is very safe. She hold those who love Her and devote time to Her and Her infinitely adorable Son. For us She is not the end of the world, but the true aurora of the eternal day.

+ Fr Chazal

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