title : November 4th, 2018 Sun. Mass Sermon, by Fr Chazal
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24th after Pentecost
November 4th, 2018

Very sadly I learn that Korea has 0.7 children per women. We reach the final result of Judeo-Masonry, death. The most terrible thing your nation faces is the acceptance of this; there is no reaction, even at the natural level, at the end of your civilization.

What we do here is a refusal to accept a similar destruction to the Church. Our Lady said, “Several nations shall be destroyed.” And we see it now, but the Church shall not be destroyed. Our Lord blames the apostles when they stated, “Lord, save us, we perish...” The Church can not perish. But what about us, who are only a part of it?

It will all depends if we are assimilated or not it is quite important for us not to be eaten, not to let our mind to be absorbed by the dissolution which is around us. The youth falls first victim to it. They are young, simple and unsuspecting. So they take the poison of liberalism, and will realize it was death later in life when new and large Catholic Families were not established, when their own personal spiritual life is a mess.

What powers the refusal of today’s programmed death is a strong spiritual life. It is like water skiing; if the boat doesn’t pull you strong enough, you don’t stay above the water, and if you don’t hold the handle strong enough, you return in the water.

If the love of God is weak in your heart, the waters are coming in your boat, you are sinking. Our soul needs to enjoy Divine Consolation, otherwise the vanity of this world can not be rejected. Today’s world is much more seductive than it used to be... We are not 60 or 70 years ago, when Korea was so poor and it was much easier to seek and find God.

If Divine Love is lacking in your heart, it means you are not spending enough time with Him and your mind is clogged, filled with too many useless, if not sinful thoughts the decision is yours then. Do you have enough time for Him or not? If you don’t, you don’t love him, you don’t seek him... Why should He love you in return?

Yet, more often than not God runs after sinners and draws them with His Divine Graces, glimpses of his divine affection for the poor creatures He loved so much.

And He sends His Blessed Mother who is so full of Divine Grace that She can feed the soul with great abundance of consolations. The world of today, while rich and neat, is very much without affection and kindness, because it is only based on pride and one own’s rights.

In the resistance, we have refused to be recycled back into the Novus Ordo Church as the Neo SSPX is doing... But we could also be recycled to hell if we don’t pay attention and stay mediocre.

Hatred of mediocrity is a great virtue in a seminary, long ago, the rector was a Jansenist and would not allow daily communion... So one seminarian would wake up at three, climb over the wall, attend the Mass at 4:00 a.m., take communion, climb back, then attend the six o’clock Mass. That seminarian later became St John Bosco.

A crazy little girl in Spain, not even ten years left her parents home and was caught by the police a few towns away. She asked them to let her go because she wanted to cross the sea, get arrested and be put to death by the Muslims... That crazy little girl became St Theresa of Avila.

By far I am not asking you so much... Yet the world of today is doing the job and call us crazy, just for practicing basic Catholicism, saying graces before and after eating, saying the Rosary in the bus, having more than 4 children...etc. In this they are very kind and signal us we are on the right path, hopefully.

+ Fr Chazal

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