title : August 15th, 2018 Assumption Mass Sermon, by Fr Picot
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August 15th, 2018


Dear Faithful,
The Assumption of Our Lady reminds us of the reason why God made man. The catechism says that God made man to know Him, serve Him and love Him, and by doing so in this world man merits eternal happiness in Heaven.

Precisely the Assumption of Our Lady manifest visibly this fundamental truth. Why? Because She was taken, with Her body and soul, with Her full human native into Heaven. This historical fact reminds us that our permanent abode is not upon earth. It is in Heaven.

The truth is that we have not been created for this world, but for Heaven. But some people mistake this truth. They think that only the souls are in Heaven. No, our body will be also in Heaven. Yet not immediately after death.

At the time of the Last Judgment, our resurrected body re-united with our soul shall be admitted in our true home country which the glory of God in Heaven. This will happen at the end of time for all people who died in state of grace.

However this glorification has been already granted to Our Lady for 2 reasons: because She is the Mother of God and because She is the Co-Redemptrix.

She is the Mother of God and this is both her greatest privilege and the foundation for all her other privileges. Being appointed to be the Mother of God, She has a special intimate union with God. That exceptional union generated in Her the greatest purity and holiness. Her body was truly the tabernacle of the living God.

The special union between Mary and God, Her Son, made Her Co-Redemptrix. She helped Her Son to redeem all men and to atone for all sins. When the Heart of Jesus was physical pierced, Her Heart was also pierced because their two Hearts are so closely united.

Then we see that Our Lady, because She is the Mother of God and the Co-Redemptrix, is the associate of Her Son. She partakes everything with Him: She worked with Him throughout His life ad until death; She helped Him fulfill His mission of salvation from beginning to end. Therefore Our Lady cannot be separated from Jesus Christ. Their union is unbreakable. She cannot be there where Jesus is not. She must always be with Her Son. She fought the battle of salvation with Him, so She share with Him the victory and the glory.

Let us take 2 lessons from the Assumption of Our Lady. First, this feast reminds us that we are not made for this world. We cannot find peace and happiness by serving and loving the world. The second lesson is that our destiny after death depends on our choice to live united to Christ in this life. We shape our eternity by our decision to accept or to refuse union with Christ.

Let us ask to Our Lady the grace to know Her Son in truth, to serve Her Son royally and to love Him sincerely that we may merit to rise again on the Last Day into life everlasting.

+ Fr Picot

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