title : August 5th, 2018 Sun. Mass Sermon, by Fr Picot
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11th Sunday after Pentecost

August 5th, 2018

Dear Faithful,
I will explain the Gospel of last Sunday, in which Jesus gives a very important teaching. Saint Luke relates the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican who both went to the Temple to pray.

The [physical attitude] body language expresses a spiritual attitude. The Pharisee stands straight and up. The Publican remains at a distance kneeling down. He does not even dare to rise his eyes to the Heavens. He strikes his breast.

These details are not meaningless. They betray the inner dispositions of these two men. And remember both are members of the true religion.

The Pharisee is satisfied of himself, full of self-admiration. So the question is: are we not full of self-admiration, too?

The Pharisee admires himself and by consequence he scorns his neighbors. While the Publican is disposed to renounce himself: he has contrition of his evil deeds.

So vanity and pride destroy the contrition of sins.

This parable helps us understand the teaching of St. Paul about the justification by faith and not by good works.

See, the Pharisee has in his favor an impressive list of achievement. He fasts twice a week; he pays the tithe of all his goods; he never lies, never steals etc....

Let us be true: fasting, alms-giving are good works. The teaching of Jesus does not condemn these good actions.

But the wickedness of the Pharisee is that he attributes to himself the merit of his good works. They become to him a claim that salvation is due to him. He wickedly believes that he saves himself by his good works.

Yet all good works can not be performed unless FIRST God gives 1) the knowledge of what is good, truly good. 2) the desire of accomplishing the good works. 3) the power to do what has been desired.

So first God redeems us by the blood of His Son, then He gives us the sanctifying grace and other graces by which we can know, desire and perform good works. Therefore all the glory is to God alone because it is the gift of salvation which makes us do good works.

This parable shows clearly what is the way of Heaven: contrition for sins and humility. One can not exist without the other. This is why the humility of Pope Francis is surely a false one. Indeed he promotes so many sins.

Let us ask of Mother Mary the grace to hate our sins, even the past one, the grace to work at doing better in the future, and above all the grace to ever com back to Jesus that he can forgive us again and again.

+ Fr Picot

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