title : july 8th, 2018 Sun. Mass Sermon, by Fr Picot
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7th Sunday after Pentecost
July 8th, 2018

Dear faithful,

Last week the Bishop was in Philippines where he gave confirmation to 72 faithful. Let us pray for them that they profit well from the graces received.

Here in Seoul you all have been confirmed. Let me remind you the graces you have received that you will be more devoted to live and fight for the cause of God.

By confirmation you received the mission AND the capacity to:
1 live your faith loyally
2 to proclaim it with courage
3 to fight against the enemies of God & of the Church.

However it is a real challenge to put into practice our faith, to persevere in the attempt to carry out the commandments of God. Other times one feels afraid of proclaiming his membership to the Catholic Church. At times we are confused not knowing what is the truth and where to find it because of the crisis in the Church.

This is why the Holy Ghost gives us his 7 gifts: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, fortitude, piety ad fear of God.

The gifts are a power to discern quickly and to follow readily the divine inspirations. By the 7 gifts the Holy Ghost has dominion over our mind and will that we act with Him.

By wisdom, understanding and knowledge He enlighten our mind that we may know who is God, what is His plan, His Laws, the nature He created etc... They, as well, enable us to reach the highest degree of prayer: infused contemplation.

By counsel He gives us advice that we see clearly what must be done in times of confusion. A very important gift in our situation full of uncertainties...

By fortitude, piety and fear of God, He strengthens our will, inspires us with respect to the divine majesty with courage to conquer all obstacles to sanctity.

Wonderful gifts! and so necessary for salvation. They are the light of God to our mind, the voice of God giving advice, and the power of God put to our service.

See how God is so merciful and loving to put Himself at our service, to help us doing His will.

Therefore let us listen the voice of the Holy Ghost in us. Let us not refuse to obey the divine inspirations. If we are careful to listen to and obey to the Holy Ghost, His 7 gifts will be more and more active in us. And we shall by them conquer all obstacles to Heaven.

+ Fr Picot

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