title : May 6th, 2018 Sun. Mass Sermon, by Fr Picot
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5th Sunday after Easter
May 6th, 2018

The word ‘ecumenism’ points to the movement that arose in the 19th century among the Protestants. The goal was to foster the reconciliation and collaboration of the many opposing Protestant Churches. This movement led to the Foundation of the World Council of Church(WCC).

‘Ecumenical’ is a word of Greek origin and meaning ‘universal’. It came to be used again because the Protestants wished to use a word meaning universality. And they could not use the word ‘Catholic’ already used by the Roman Church. So they chose to use its equivalent: ‘ecumenical’.

The Protestant felt the necessity to work towards the unity of the Christians. You know that they reject the teaching authority of the Roman Church which is the only way of preserving unity in the true faith. Therefore Protestantism splitted into thousands of opposing sects fighting each other. By consequence in the 19th century, these churches had to do something to avoid their members being attracted by the Catholic unity in faith, worship and government.

So many Protestant scholars searched for a new manner of uniting: the ecumenical movement was born. Of course the attitude of the Catholic Church was from the beginning to keep distance from that movement. How could the true Church accept that 1,900 years after Christ a new way of uniting in Christ was found? It would have been equivalent to acknowledge that Christ had not found his Church in unity.

Yet the 2nd Council of Vatican issued a document about ecumenism. It is called ‘Unitatis Redintegratio’. This document presents a new doctrine: The Catholic Church is no longer the UNIQUE religious society which can lead to salvation. The other Protestant Churches are considered also to be a path towards Heavens, though this path is less straight and less safe.

In the document ‘Unitatis Redintegratio’ the 2nd Council of Vatican teaches a doctrine which is NOT Catholic.

What is the Catholic doctrine about ecumenism? It has been summarized perfectly and in few words by Pope Pius XI: “The efforts of uniting Christians outside the Only True Church can in NO WAY be approved, much less supported, by the Catholic. The ecumenical movement is based on the false idea that all religious are more or less good, leading men to God and the obedience of His Laws. The people who hold this opinion are not only in error but they destroy the true idea of religion and little by little they fall into atheism...” And Pius XI concludes saying: “To favour Ecumenism and interreligious meetings is equivalent to abandoning the religion revealed by God.”

+ Fr Picot

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