title : January 7th, 2018 Sun. Mass Sermon, by Fr Picot
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January 7th, 2018

Dear Faithful, we celebrate today the Epiphany of the Lord. Epiphany comes from the Greek Epiphainein which means “clearly perceived (or manifested) suddenly”. Our Lord was born 12 days ago to be “the true light which enlightens every man that comes into the world,”(St John1,9) He disposed therefore the events in such a way that His coming will be clearly known by all men, the good and the wicked. Yet His coming remained humble and hidden somewhat. To unite the opposite is feature of God’s work. Here, in His coming into the world, He unites advertising and perfect humility. So, already a great lesson to us: hid yourself that God may shine through you. Easy to say, so difficult to practice, for often our pride disguises itself in humility... No one can be that star indicating the to God unless first he humble himself.

So God permitted that a new star appeared in the sky over the land of the three Kings. At the sight of it they recognised immediately, through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, its signification. Here we have to stop for a while to meditate. The moment is most solemn, the event most decisive. For the first time God send an official invitation to the Gentiles of approaching Him. This the moment in which God is announcing clearly, officially the universality of salvation: for all men of all times. This will be an occasion of scandal to the narrow-minded Jews and a motive of rejection of the Messiah.

In the persons of the three Kings God offers us salvation. Notice, meditate and imitate their dispositions of heart that you too may receive actually salvation in life everlasting after having heard the calling to it on earth.

Melchior, Balthazar and Gaspar readily responded the inspiration of God and immediately set at work to prepare so difficult a journey. Let us learn of them to follow without delay the suggestions of the divine grace. Let us pray them that they obtain for us the grace to shake that laziness of soul, that lukewarmness of resolution which keeps us away from Christ. The divine inspirations are the way which leads to the spiritual crib in us where we enter in contact with the Saviour and His mother.

Then they displayed great courage and strength soul in preserving on the way till they reached to the Saviour. Without fear they confronted Herod, without weakness the walked on though the star was hidden leaving them in the dark. We should learn, and ask, of them the courage and the patience so necessary to practice what is needed to salvation.

So we learn two things from the Kings: obedience to the voice of God, courage in practicing God’s will. However there is a third disposition which is even more important: they heard the voice of God; they understood the signification of the star. Not so easy, if you think of it: you see a new star and you understand that God has come! That amazing understanding came from God’s inspiration in their heart. But first, how did they hear the voice, then how did they know the voice is of God? Again, no so easy. I tell you: many, many mistake their own human fancies for God’s command. And then it’s a spiritual disaster. These Three Kings are indeed wonderfully wise. They were such by reason of two virtues they possessed in their heart: humility and great desire of the things of God. If you are full of yourself, you hear no one but yourself. And the old man in us is so gifted to imitate God’s voice. Then if your heart expects nothing but the riches of this world you never hear God calling you.

Let us ask these three holy Kings what we need so much to find our gentle Saviour: dislike of ourselves, first for the spiritual things, zeal and courage in doing the will of God. Let us meditate the wonderful example they gave us and the reward they got. The same reward is to be ours IF we tread the same path with the same heart: humility, hope, courage...

The path is narrow, the obstacles impressive, the crosses bitter, the treasons of false brethren many. But the reward is infinitely beautiful and to be enjoyed endlessly: the sudden break through darkness into the full light of eternal bliss. What a wonderful and holy shock of perfect joy. Such was the joy of the three Kings who “seeing the star they rejoice with exceeding great joy and entering the house they fell down adoring Him.”

If we persevere to imitate their wisdom, humility, hope of Heaven, courage and patience we shall too rejoice with exceeding great joy and entering the Father’s house we shall fell down and for ever adore serve Him in the company of Melchior, Balthazar and Gaspar.

+ Fr. Picot

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