title : December 15th, 2017 Christma Mass Sermon, by Fr Picot
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December 25th, 2017

In a world of entertainment it is a great difficulty to describe the joy of Christmas. The false western culture, the foolish American dream of ever-renewed fun makes difficult to the Catholics to understand what means Christmas joy.

Joy has very little to do with fun and excitement. Joy is the disposition of a soul which finally has got the good for which it longed so intensely.

And today we, Catholics, have received the Saviour we desired for so long. So our joy has to be overwhelming. It cannot be a shallow one, or doubtful one. The joy of Christmas seizes the whole of our being: soul and body, mind and heart.

Listen to yourself in the silence of the Holy Night. Your heart tells you clear it thirsts for infinite & supreme happiness. But what is telling you your experience of life? That sin is everywhere; that yourself are one of those sinners who brings evil around them.

And therefore you know, we all know: infinite happiness is completely out of our reach. Then we know by faith that being born of Adam and Eve, we all are condemned to eternal misery. But here comes the wonder of Christmas. A liberator is given to the prisoner of the devil.

So our joy is the one of a defeated man who is in desperate situation, lost forever but suddenly, in the darkness of the night, the dawn rises. A Saviour is born. Our terrible fate is no longer a necessity. Jesus Christ is born today: Heaven shall be ours by the grace and the death of Our Saviour.

And Our Saviour is not only a man. He is God himself: the Mighty God who can make possible the most impossible things. So we have no fear with Him. The devil and the Western culture can pile up temptations upon problems, issues upon oppositions, persecutions upon obstacles, we shall have no fear. For Our Saviour has come. We rejoice in Christ our Saviour who shall save us from all dangers, who shall cleanse us from all sins.

Therefore let men rejoice exceedingly, let women rejoice exceedingly for Christ has become a MAN being born of a WOMAN. Let young men rejoice exceedingly, you who have chosen to follow Christ at your level best for your GUIDE has come. Let young girls still virgin rejoice at His coming for by loving Him you do not lose your innocence. Let the saints rejoice for here comes the SANCTIFIER. Let the sinners rejoice for it is the birth of the REDEEMER. Let the sick and feeble rejoice it is the birth of the SAVIOUR. Let the free men rejoice; it is the birth of the LIBERATOR. Let the slaves rejoice, it is the birth of the GOOD MASTER.

Let all Christians rejoice it is the birth of the MIGHTY GOD who can and want to save all.

+ Fr. Picot

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