title : December 3th, 2017 Sun. Mass Sermon, by Fr Picot
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1st Sunday of Advent

December 3th, 2017


The time of Advent is made of 3 weeks before Christmas and has been instituted by the Church to prepare the celebration of Nativity. During these 3 weeks we are asked to practice some special virtues. One of them is Hope.

The virtue of Hope contributes to our sanctification in three ways:

1) Hope unites us to God
2) Hope gives more efficacity to our prayers
3) Hope is a principle of intense action

First, Hope is a means of union with God, because it detaches us from the goods of this world. We are attracted by sensual pleasure, by the satisfaction of pride, by the desires of richness and finally by the more pure joy of the mind and the heart. But the virtue of Hope shows us that these joys lack two elements to give true happiness: perfection and duration.

The joys of this world are not perfect enough to satisfy us totally. After a little while the feeling of full satisfaction fades away and it remains an after-taste of emptiness or boredom. Hope shows us that God alone is the good above all others, that He alone can fulfill our expectations without deceptions. But He shall give Himself to us only in Heaven.

Also the joy of this world last only for a time and soon they are finished. We know it and that thought disturbs our happiness here below. Hope shows us that God, on the contrary remains for ever and death, which separates us from everything, will unites us with God... if we die in state of grace.

Second point, Hope gives efficacity to our prayers. Hope generates and increases trust in God because it shows us that so many times in the Old and New Testaments God saved those who trusted in Him whole heartedly. Even though some of them were great sinners.

Third point, Hope is a principle of holy action. Hope increase our spiritual energy by the vision of the reward in Heaven. This reward will give an infinite compensation to all things we can suffer in our course towards Heaven. Since people work so hard in order to get the treasures of the world, since sportsmen and athletes force themselves to undergo such long and painful exercises to gain a perishable reward, how much more should we work hard to gain Heaven!

So, Hope gives us this courage, this endurance which generates the assurance of success. This assurance is not founded on our greatness. We know too well how easily we fell at the least temptation. Our Hope is founded on the promise of Jesus Christ. He has never and will never abandon anyone who has recourse to Him.

During this Mass we shall ask, by the merits of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and through the intercession of Our Lady, the grace of a firm and stable desire of Heaven, and the grace of courageous Hope which leads us to work daily on our sanctification.

+ Fr. Picot

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