title : November 5th, 2017 Sun. Mass Sermon, by Fr Chazal
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22th Sunday after Pentecost
November 5th, 2017

Just recently the Vatican Post Office released a stamp with the effigy of the heretics Luther and Melanchton part of Pope Francis celebration and rejoicing at the second biggist catastrophy in history: the Protestant Revolt.

Luther’s heresy is first a despair of the capacity of grace to cleanse man and correct his actions; it is called ‘sola Fides’; only faith, trust in God’s redeeming grace can save. Then Luther excludes the role of the Church, and the pope in particular, in the interpretation of Scriptures; ‘sola Scriptura’. Between man and God, there is only the Bible. Every man interprets Scripture according to his own light.

This is the most known part of protestantism and it has caused all subsequent revolutions in Europe, in the world and in the Church. Pope Francis knows this; that is why he said Luther is right on the ‘sola Gratia’ and endorses the complete freedom of any man to believe anything by his own light.

Luther then moved on and showed a terrible and demonic hatred for the Sacrifice of the Mass; then attacked all other sacraments, either by changing their meaning(Baptism) or by abolishing them(Extreme-unction, Holy Orders, Confirmation, Penance) or by saying they are no sacraments(Matrimony).

Then he turned his fury against monastic vows of poverty, chastity and obedience; and, in 1525, tried to strike as hard as he could.

Being himself a renegade monk and a defrocked priest; he then ‘married’ a fallen away nun, Katherine Von Bora. In that same year he allowed the German prince Philip of Hesse to have two wives; and blessed the crushing of the peasants revolt that he had encouraged at first: 300,000 people were massacred.

Luther authorized divorce, paving the way to the Anglican schism of Henry VIII, who divorced from Catherine of Aragon contrary to what Our Lord says in the Gospel we read today, and initiated a cycle of wars, the end of which we have not yet seen, despite the end of the terrible wars of religion of the XVIth and XVIIth centuries.

The very sad thing about Catherine Von Bora, is that she was a good and pious nun. In one of her letter she admitted that she used to pray with great ardour and zeal. Later she asked Luther why they were not praying with devotion after they had started to become Protestants. She left her convent because the ideas of Luther became popular around her; and her convent was poor but not decadent.

Same thing all over Germany; and in many cases many monks and nuns thrown out of their convents by force. What Pope Francis does not realise, when he came to celebrate Luther in Lund in Sweden, that in that very place, the Franciscan monks were thrown out by the Lutherans and the bishop put into prison.

As protestantism quickly became an agency of the state, the religious map of German corresponded to the religious fancies of the princes; and as soon as 1525 protestantism immediately began to split... And it stills does today. Last week, when the French Protestant met to celebrate the 500 years of Luther, many left the ceremony, because they realized that gays were involved.

Of course our sympathy goes to the protestants who still follow the Ten Commandments, like Pius IX who expressed his sympathy to Jefferson Davis, at the end of the American Civil War. But the best thing a protestant needs to hear is that the guiding of man by his own light, into understanding Scripture and worshipping God, only leads to chaos and death.

And so it was with Katherine Von Bora: after Luther died, the Lutheran princes rose against emperor Charles Vth, and lost. Many civilians were displaced, among whom Katherine and the four Luther children. Her wagon became bogged down, and as it tilted, she had to jump in the mud, stayed stuck in it for hours, because nobody could extract her and died three month later as a consequence.

Today the principles of Luther have spread way beyond Lutheranism, and even protestantism itself, but God is so powerful, that protestantism brought to the Church innumerable martyrs, especially in Ireland, Scotland, England, Northern Germany and many parts of France. In the Cevenne, the entire original population was exterminated by the protestants.

Moreover, the Catholic Church woke up from its sleep, and there are a lot more saints in the XVIth century, which is the century of Luther.

The Church reorganized itself, with seminaries for instance, which gave good priests for centuries. Before Vatican II the Church was getting the upper hand and what is more, many more souls were brought in the Church by the missions on all continents, than were lost by the fault of Luther.

In Germany what survived of Catholicism is truly beautiful, and many parts of Germany that were lost, were reconquered, like Austria, Bavaria, Swabia, etc. If you go to Munich, Saltzburg, Vienna, it will show to your eyes that much against his will, Luther arose another Catholic triumph, and a triumph of Our Blessed Mother.

+ Fr. Chazal

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