title : October 15th, 2017 Sun. Mass Sermon, by Fr Chazal
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19th Sunday after Pentecost
October 15th, 2017

People say to God “We have no time”; in the parable Sunday Catholics say to God “We have Sunday morning time, but no other time. We are too busy and tired, even for a 15 minutes Rosary every day.” They exaggerate the necessities of life and forget too much the only one thing necessary: to die in the state of Grace.

We die as we live. The story of the Curé of Ars, who saw the Freemason make an Act of Contrition, just after throwing himself off the bridge, is an exception. His wife probably prayed all her life for him, hence, for that man’s eternity’s rescue, that woman spent a lot of time in prayer.

Prayer has three ingredients: humility, confidence and perseverance. Perseverance is a good bargain; if we hold on to it for a short life, eternity is ours. Those who don’t have the faith don’t understand that, and they think religious people are wasting their life. That’s normal. They are carnal and don’t even think they have an eternal soul.

The same can not be said of Catholics. They have the true religion, they know where the marriage feast is taking place. The servants of the king are there, plenty of them, to invite them: they are the priests and other good people telling them there is an eternity out there, after this ridiculous and insignificantly short stay on earth.

Their own conscience reminds them, with the great help of their Guardian Angel, who has this persevering and kind little voice that they refuse to hear. Will they continue to come to the marriage feast? How can we unblock the deadlock of these poor soul, who are making such an infinite mistake; the mistake of trading their eternity, for a pittance, like Esau who traded his inheritance for a plate lentils.

To remedy that big problem, God sends vocations, monastic or otherwise. It is a sign that the only vocation we have so far in Korea, is monastic. This city of Seoul, 25 millions they say, is just to much to fail to cure the souls. It is a totalitarian city of a different kind than the regime of the North, but its members are slaves.

Even the Marian Corps needs to go monastic. The city of Cebu is also corrupt, polluted and noisy, so we don’t have much choice. But most importantly, by being away from internet connections and shopping facilities, we find peace, balance, union with God, in His beautiful nature that He has created.

If our ambition is to rebuild the Church, we will do what so many saints did: St. Bernard, St. Bruno, St. Benedict, St. Ignatius, St Francis, etc. etc. Monks followed them, disciples, but the faithful they left behind followed them in spirit. There is always, in the world, even in the craziest cities of today, people who will listen to and follow the example of religious.

In this crisis of 2012, we see this time that religious orders are faring the best, like the Dominicans, Benedictines, Capuchins, and even Carmelites, already on board, while there is only a trickle of SSPX priests. Vatican II is the reconciliation with the modern world, so it comes as no surprise if monks refuse naturally such a reconciliation with the world via Vatican II.

Christ always wanted the state of perfection: “if you want to be perfect, sell everything that you have, give it to the poor and come and follow me.” We never saw that many protestant do as much, but pretty much the contrary, since they count money and business as a blessing of God, all the time. For the Novus Ordo it is the same: as soon as Vatican II came, there was a spectacular collapse of religious life, and entire religious orders shut down.

The advantage of religious orders is that they stir by example. Members of religious orders came from the world, and were stirred by Divine Grace... Hence they can persuade us to follow the Graces given to us to pray enough for our soul to live in God.

Mark my words; I am not saying everyone should be a religious; that would be the most beautiful end of the world. No, but everyone needs a religious soul, which is the simple knowledge we are not for here.

Our Lady is th woman of the Apocalypse; as the dragon nears to kill her son, wings are given to her to go to the desert; that is a spirit of union with Heaven to flee away from evil conversation, evil deeds of our modern cities.

Then the dragon sends water, to sweep away the thoughts of good souls in a flood of vanities... Yet it doesn’t work, because the desert is dry and absorbs the waters: that is the seclusion impede the modern flood of vanities to overwhelm religious souls.

That is how the Church will be rebuilt.

+ Fr. Chazal

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