title : Dec. 6th, 2015 Sun. Mass Sermon by Fr Chazal
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The Immaculate Conception
Second Sunday of Advent (December 6th, 2015)

My dear faithful, a clast final plunge has begin: take for instance Germany, once a great nation; it has 9.2 million people left, under 20 years of age. In two years, there will be more muslims in Germany, in that age bracket than Germans. Germany has disappeared, and they have no will to fight Islam.

For the Church it is the same, to the exception that it is indefectible. Nations will disappear, but the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ, no matter of a small thing it has become, will not only survive, but supercede all other mortal nations.

Yet the apostacy which is taking place all around us is massive, and is all the more spectacular as entire nations are disappearing.

In the little world of tradition, it’s the same. Bishop Athanasius Schneider told a group of priest that Bishop Fellay will announce on Dec. 8th that the SSPX has joined the Novus Ordo. All this despite the scandalous Synod in October and the blatant heresies of Pope Francis. Fr. Picot and I are not sure if many SSPX priests are going to join the resistance.

So it is death 360°. Life has receded. Why? And where shall we look for life? The Immaculate Mary is the only answer, and the fulfilling of God’s request is the only way out of death.

Why is it so simple? Because God has willed to give us life through this channel in the first place. Sin is death, sinlessness is life, hence immaculateness is life.

Let mankind experience death as much as He wills if he persists in sin and turns away from the one who holds life itself in Her hands. Christ is our life, Christ is God and God hates sin so utterly. Sin fills Him with an infinite distaste, displeasure and horror, especially the ingratitude that goes with it.
That is why God will not allowed himself to be touched by anyone who is in sin. Like in the book of Esther, anyone who enters the king’s abode uncalled for, is to be slayed immediately.

But without God there is no life, as we see today: God tells man “Go right ahead; let us see what you can do and if you can live without me.” So the only one who can approach the king and get the order of extermination rescinded is Esther. There is not a single one of us that does not cause displeasure to God. St. Peter is right, saying “Depart from, Lord, because I am a sinner.”

By being preserved totally from sin, Our Lady enabled God to approach us and to “be made flesh.” In return God requests us to approach Our Blessed Mother with a great love and great familiarity. He request that we form towards Her a love of devotion, not just a reverential love or a love of veneration. Devotion means gift of self. It is a longing to belong to the one loved. It is a desire not to be one’s own, but to be to somebody else out of pure love for the excellence and kindness of the one loved.

Christ wants us to enter into the mystery of His love for His Mother. He gave Her 30 years of His love while He gave us 3 years of His public life. When He dies on the Cross He gazes constantly on Her. All crucifixes we adore gaze on the right side because Our Lady stood at the right side of Him who came to die especially for Her.

The love of the divine word for His Immaculate Mother is beyond anything we can understand, but He wants us to join, as children and with a great flame.

“Too many souls are going to hell; and in order to stop this God has established the devotion to My Immaculate Heart”, says Our Lady of Fatima. Our Lady is a life giver and She knows that death is at the gates... A tide of death has covered the whole earth, except in those who still love Her devotedly.

Let God do as He pleases... And indeed as long as She is loved half heartedly, death will abound.

+ Fr. Chazal

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