title : Nov. 15th, 2015 Sun. Mass Sermon by Fr Picot
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25th Sunday after Pentecost(November 15th, 2015)

“When He was going back to the City, He felt hungry. Seeing a fig tree along the way, Jesus came close. And He found not Fruit but leaves only. And He said: ‘No one will ever find fruit from you!’ And immediately the fig tree dried up.” (Matt 21:18-19)

The fig tree covered with green leaves but having no fruit is the image of these Christians who stopped growing in spiritual life. They are “green” that means they have the sanctifying grace, they have the faith and love God genuinely.

However this is just a beginning. They have to bring forth fruits. To keep the grace, to have the faith, to resist mortal sins is just green leaves. It is not the fruit that Jesus desires. In order to please Our Lord we must do more than that.

The tree is the image of the soul. Our Lord expects the soul to bring for the fruit. Before to look at which fruit we have to produce, I have to show you that only some souls are able to produce good fruit. Exactly like the trees. If the tree has some sickness or has not been pruned or has no deep roots, it will produce no fruit or very little fruit.

It is the same for each soul. We cannot produce good fruit if our soul has some sickness. We must first acquired purity of heart. So long as a soul remains exposed to fall from time to time into mortal sin, he is not yet mature to produce good fruit.

We must also prune our soul before we are ready to fructify. To prune our soul means to put to death in us all the disordered passions. It is the determined fight against our capital sin and against self-love. After that, we shall be ready to give some fruit to Our Lord.

Then the soul must have deep roots. This is the profound convictions on all the great truth. To be deeply convinced of what we believe is obtained through meditations.

So, if you have purity of heart, if you practice mortification of your passions, if you have deep convictions about the faith, you are ready to bring forth fruit to Our Lord.

Jesus Christ desires to find in you three kinds of fruit. Be careful: if He does not find them, we shall be cursed...

The first good action Jesus wants as to do is to make Him the center of our thoughts. Jesus wants to see us loving to study His life and His teaching. He really desires that we analyse His words, that we spend time meditating the Gospel. It is His wish as well that during the mass we focus on Him. Our mind must spend as much time as possible thinking about Jesus, who He is, what He taught, what He did. This is the first fruit.

The second good action is to make Jesus the center of our affections. How could we help loving Him if we keep Him in our thought every day? He has given us the greatest proofs of love. His birth made Him our fellow man, our friend, our brother. And He never departs from us. By the Holy Eucharist He becomes our food and drink. Dying on the cross He paid the price of Our salvation, He set us free from slavery of sin and gave us the greatest proof of love that friend can give to friend.

So we must strive to make Him the love of our life. This is the second fruit.

The third good action is to make Jesus the center of our actions. This is the imitation of the virtues of Jesus. When we labour, we unite ourselves to the Workman of Nazareth,
- to work as He did; with patience, perseverance without pride.
- and to work for the same goal: the Glory of His Father and the salvation of souls.

When we want to acquire some virtues we must go into ourselves to meet Jesus and see in Him the perfect model to imitate.

Even our leisure must be taken in union with Him.

The third fruit is the perfect union with Jesus by imitating the whole of His virtues.

Let us not be the useless tree that Jesus cursed. He said: “it is the will of my Father that you bear a lot of fruit.” Let us take the resolution to purify our heart, to fight our capital sin, to develop deep convictions that we may be ready to make Jesus the center of our thoughts, the love of our life and the model of our actions.

Thus Jesus will live in us and in all truth we will become Christian that is to say: “a faithful reproduction of Christ.” At that cost only we can enter Heaven and enjoy the eternal bliss of perfect union with Jesus Christ.

+ Fr. Picot


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