title : Aug. 16th, 2015 Sun. Mass Sermon by Fr Chazal
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The Samaritan of Our Souls

12th Sunday after Pentecost(August 16th, 2015)


I am very sure that most of you would help that poor man like this samaritan did. Yet there is another one that nobody wants to help. He is loaded with wounds, and as Our Lord says he is half alive, therefore half dead. Who is he?

For most people, and I hope not most of you, it is the soul, your own soul. That soul is between life and death and will die for sure if it is not healed and fed, and that is mainly done by prayer... Your own prayer, not mine.

I can pray for you, but I cannot pray instead of you. Even the Blessed Virgin Mary whom we ask to pray for us so many times, cannot pray in your place. She prays that you may accept to pray the necessary quantity so as to live.

Because prayer is a breathing of love in the soul by which the soul draws the life of grace from God. God is the only life there is for the soul. “IN IPSO VITA ERAT.” In him was life. Christ says, “I am the life.” No Prayer, no action of Christ on us, no life. No prayer, or insufficient prayer = Death of the soul.

Do you want to know where your soul is heading exactly? Heaven, purgatory or hell? Well, better even than an examination of our sins, look how much you pray and how much you like to pray.

If you just pray a little bit and if prayer is distasteful to you, you are headed towards hell, whereas if you love to pray, heaven is yours. It is not me who says that, but St. Alfonsus, and all other saints.

What a frightening equation! Any soul that goes to hell knows it is going there far in advance.

I always come back to the story of Anette, A Lost Soul, who explained how she died in a state of wilful separation from God, because she neglected to pray seriously, year after year.

I wish this text to be translated in Korean, more than my poor <Miles Christi>. The process of eternal damnation is so well explained, and she fits so well the liberalism and lukewarmness of our age... Our age is an age apostasy, because men do not love God, refuse his love, because they have no time to spend with him.

They think they have more “serious” things to do, money, success, studies, business, plastic surgery, house, car, health, whatever, etc.... While their soul is dying and about to die for ever.

The soul sometimes cries for help: it falls into sadness, into depression. Depression is a typical disease of our times, and for the most would not be found if men spent time to love God and serve him in spirit and know how good he is and how sweet Our Blessed Mother is.

Therefore have pity on your closest neighbor and companion. Nobody but you can have this pity. All that others have is some spiritual defibrillator. It can send a temporary jolt, but if your heart refuses obstinately to pump, you are clinically dead.

“You have the name of being alive but you are dead”, says St. John about our time, the 5th age of the Church. Yet St. John says that there are a few who have kept the name of God.

Be one of these, and it is more simple and easier than you think. God is Good, and infinitely so. To those who seek Him He gives the Grace to love and enjoy His company... A real beginning of heaven. And what better gift than to escape all death, especially the second and eternal death? Only those who pray really can find out.

+ Fr. Chazal

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