title : Solemn High Mass by Bishop Williamson in Jan 2014
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Sermon by Bishop Williamson                                  January 24, 2014

                                                                                          Chennai, India


Dear Fathers and dear friends,


It’s a great pleasure to be in India once more and to find the country less corrupt, as yet, than the countries of the west, in Europe or across the Atlantic. The west is very corrupt. It has no Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church, and it has refused them. This refusal took place substantially and finally at the second Vatican Council. Because what happened there was this world, which is under the power of Satan, stripped of essence. God has allowed men of free will, He has allowed Satan to seduce Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve fell and ever since Adam and Eve fell, Satan has been the prince of this world. The highest devil is being the ruler of this world. “And this world,” says St. John, “is under the Devil.” And we see it today as Christianity recedes, and people, especially Catholics, want to know less of the true Lord, of the true God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, so Satan takes over. And the corruption now in the lands of the west is terrible. And please God, what remains here of the natural law here in India, for instance in the much more decent dress of the women, let us hope that the natural law survives the onslaught of western corruption. Beware the following of the west. Follow Our Lord Jesus Christ; do not follow the west. It’s very corrupt.


What happened in Vatican II was the Catholic Church, for the longest time had resisted the modern world. With Protestantism, the world became much more powerful and the Church became substantially weaker. The Church, nevertheless, resisted. Part of that resistance was the order of the Jesuits, you know St. Francis Xavier, you know of St. Francis Xavier coming to India. That was part of the counterattack of the Catholic Church against the onslaught of Protestantism. But with each century past, the world of Protestantism and Liberalism gained more strength and the Catholic Church became slowly and steadily more weak. The Church still today is becoming weaker. By God’s permission, by His just punishments of Man’s turning away from God and turning towards Man. It’s not just towards Man, when people turn away from God. They are turning towards men under the power of Satan. And that’s what we see around us all over the world today.


With Vatican II, the world had become so powerful and so influential, too many bishops at Vatican II had been reading too many newspapers, and they were beginning to watch television. Television was coming in the 1950s. And the world with its influences was soaking into the bishops. So the bishops no longer strongly believed in Our Lord Jesus Christ. They no longer believed, strongly enough, in the danger of Original Sin. They no longer believed that this world is under the power of Satan. That thought the modern world is marvelous. The modern world has science. The modern world has technology. But Paul VI spoke, of the wonders of modern world, the wonders of modern man. “Glory to Man” he said. Which is foolish for a Catholic to say. “Glory to God,” says the Catholic. Not “Glory to Man.” They would not be changed, it took place around the time of Vatican II, and most of the Churchmen followed and they followed the wrong way. Easily, most of the Churchmen followed and then the priests followed and then the people followed.


A great part of the Church was swept away, in what Archbishop Lefebvre called, “The greatest disaster in all the history of the Church [Vatican II].” He said that in his life, (he was born in 1905),

there had been three World Wars: World War I 1914-1918, World War II 1939-1945, and World War III 1962-1965 (Vatican II). He said that Vatican II was like the third World War. Of the three World Wars, he said that by far the worst was Vatican II. Not World War I, even though it killed 40 million souls. Not World War II, even though it killed 66 million (in calculations). But World War III (Vatican II), killed so many souls, not just their bodies, but the souls. It put so man souls on the road to perdition, glorifying Man, instead of glorifying God. By glorifying God, man is lifted above his sins, if he is willing. He is lifted above his sins by Jesus Christ to God. If he glorifies Man he has no interest in rising above himself. Jesus is not democratic. Man only wants to be democratic. He will only accept low people on his own level – low politicians. Man does not like noble politicians who, who try to raise his country higher. It’s very difficult for those politicians without the Church. What have they got to help them lift the people. People will naturally, if God is left out, people will naturally by gravity fall – the gravity of Original Sin. It’s what we see today.


After Vatican II, Archbishop Lefebvre created a movement of resistance to this tremendous collapse of the Church, the worst collapse in all the history of the Church. He created the Society of St. Pius X. And you have had here the Society for many years. It’s the Society that probably taught very easily most of you, it certainly taught me, this glorious Mass which we are celebrating today, with Deacon and Sub-deacon – the glorious liturgy of the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church. We learned with the Society. It was Archbishop Lefebvre who gave it to us. Without Archbishop Lefebvre, we would have had great difficulty in finding it. It probably would have completely disappeared. Well, not completely, but Archbishop Lefebvre was the instrument which God raised in order to preserve his Church, the true Church which puts God first and not Man. Paul VI was putting Man first. And many Catholics loved him because they didn’t have to resist and fight the modern world.


But have you in today’s gospel? You have the old man Simeon, taking the little Child into his arms. This was forty days after the birth of Our Lord, when a Jewish male had to be presented in the temple as an offering to God, in which God would give back to the parents. But the child was offered to God and even Jesus, God Himself, allowed Himself in his human nature to be offered to God as an act of respect, honor and adoration for the great and good God as the first Jewish male. Simeon says, and he prophesied to the Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the Child, “This Child is going to be like the sword of contradiction, and he is going to divide the spirits of Israel.” There will be those that will be for Him and those that will be against Him. Those that will be for the world will be against this Child, (because he is God). Those that are for God are for this Child, (because he is God). He said that this Child will be a source of division. The old man Simeon prophesied that. “It is going to break your heart,” he says to the Mother. “A sword will penetrate your heart.” And there of course is the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary already prophesied. She knew that she would suffer. And all through her life, she had vested in her mind what her son would finally suffer at the end of His life. And finally, those terrible days came, especially at the Cross, when she was standing at the foot of the Cross, and her heart was being torn out of her breast by seeing the suffering of her innocent son. And of course she would have taken all that suffering upon herself if she could, but she couldn’t. It was her son that died and it was she that had her heart broken.


In any case, it is impossible for the whole world to love Jesus Christ. It is not possible. It is ridiculous to pretend that the world does love Jesus Christ, which is what people today pretend, which is what this pope is pretending (Pope Francis). He is pretending that everybody is nice simply because they are human beings. Everybody means well: that’s the new religion. All men are good, even though they have Original Sin, even though they are great sinners. All men are so good, that all men when they die (because God is so merciful and God is so good), go straight to Heaven. It is ridiculous – completely false. And dangerously false, because when you tell everybody that they are going to go to Heaven when they are not on the road to Heaven, they are going to die as if they are sure they are going to Heaven, which they are not at all. In fact, they die within their sins. They have not yet received absolution, they have not yet been baptized, they have not confessed, they have not had the absolutely necessary help of Our Lord Jesus Christ to save their souls. They’ve been told that Jesus Christ is very good, maybe he was a little better than Gandhi. Gandhi was a great man, Jesus was a tremendously great man. But He was still only a man. Deadly teaching! Deadly error! Fatal Error! Jesus Christ was God. Of all the human beings that had ever existed, He alone was also God. He alone came down from Heaven and took from the Blessed Virgin Mary the human nature. There is no comparison between all the religions which deny the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the One religion: The true Catholic Religion, which believes, accepts and adores the humanity and divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Only one religion amongst all the religions is true. Only one religion can enable people to get to Heaven. Because Heaven belongs to God. Jesus Christ is God. He is the only human being that is also God. Only through Jesus Christ can we be saved. That’s what the Catholic Church has always taught. That is what St. Thomas taught when he came here to India in the first place. He had known Our Lord directly for three years. And that is a great privilege of India. I don’t think there are many Apostles whose exact place of death is known. Sts. Peter and Paul of course, in Rome. Possibly St. Andrew in Greece, I don’t know. Possible St. Bartholomew in Armenia, but with many cases it is not known. But here in India, you know exactly who you have here, one of the twelve Apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ right here in this city. Not only in this country, but in this city. Extraordinary! It’s a great privilege. An undoubtedly St. Thomas is praying and interceding for the people of Chennai. And many of Indians surely, who are not Catholic, are proud of St. Thomas being here.


In any case, there is no possibility of the world under Satan approving of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And if it pretends to approve of Our Lord Jesus Christ, if it seems to approve of Jesus Christ, it is only a pretense. Satan hates Jesus Christ. Satan cannot love Jesus Christ. Satan hates God. He rebelled against God at the very beginning of creation. He was flung into Hell, which God prepared for the Angels who God foresaw will fall – a terrible punishment for a terrible sin. A sin of rebellion against the infinitely good God. Satan has been in Hell ever since. He has been in torture and he has been hating and defying God ever since. As soon as Adam and Eve were created by God, Stan got at them, tempted them and made them fall. He is envious of all human beings, who might take the place of himself and all the devils who fell out of heaven. He left empty places which God wants to fill and which God is filling with those Catholics who died in his grace and go to Heaven. Satan fell; Satan hates Our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s ridiculous for the pope and the bishops and the priest to pretend that the world loves Jesus, or that Jesus loves the world. Jesus loves the souls that he created, but He cannot love a world which puts itself under Satan. And when men follow Satan, they do so by their own choice. They are seduced by Satan. Satan gives them pleasure, he gives them power, he gives them prestige in this world. He has many false gifts

to make people distracted to think only of this life and to make them forget the next life, to make them forget God, to make them worship him [Satan]. He wants to be worshiped. The very wicked men at the top of world power worship Satan. And possibly, the very few at the very top, are in dire contact with Satan and are inspired by him. God always only allowing it, [men] are inspired by Satan on how to corrupt the world further. As you see all over the world, synchronized, the campaign for the marriage of man and man, or woman and woman are horrid – and abomination. That sin of Sodom and Gomorrah are one of the four sins that are crying out to heaven for vengeance. But who still believes in Heaven? Who still takes Heaven seriously? Who takes God seriously? God is a pushover. He is a nice guy. He lets everybody go to His Heaven. That’s where everybody goes after they die. It’s ridiculous – a terrible error! An error apt to deceive, to keep them happy while they are sinning in this life, so they will not stop sinning, so they will die in sin, so they will go to Hell. Many people are in disillusion. Archbishop Lefebvre stood against that. He stood against this false way of looking at things. Instead of looking at the world under Jesus and lifting the world through Jesus to God, it’s putting Jesus under the world. Jesus loves to world. Jesus approves of everything we do. Sin is abolished. It’s as though God would say they abolish humans. Life is much easier for the doctors. Priests say there is no sin any longer. Life is much easier for the priests, but it’s completely false. Utterly false! Sin abounds today like it has never abounded. Never has the world been so corrupt. Pope Pius XII said before he died (he died in 1958), that the world now (in the 1950’s), is worse than the time of Noah and worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. What would Pius XII say today? He would be horrified.


What’s going to happen? Well, what happened was (this is how serious the problem is) the Society which Archbishop Lefebvre created and which has produced this lovely church and inspired the proper use of this proper church. It has become clear that the leaders of the Society that rose to the top of the Society, have not understood the Archbishop. They have not understood the modern world. They have not understood the depth of the problem. They have not understood that the modern world is under the power of Satan and that how the Council has gone over to the modern world. The second Vatican Council tried to mix the Church and the modern world. It can’t be done. If you take oil and water and put them in a bottle, they don’t mix. The oil immediately floats above the water. If you take hold of the bottle and shake it vigorously for a few minutes, the oil and the water will mix for a little while but the moment you stop shaking, almost immediately they are going to separate. Oil and water cannot mix. Satan and Christ cannot mix. The second Vatican Council tried to mix and it didn’t work. And since the attempt didn’t belong to Christ, it ended up belonging to Satan. Because Satan is very glad to accept Catholics into his world. He will never go into the Catholic world, but he is happy to accept the Catholics into his world. So when Vatican II tried to mix the Church and the world, instead of the world converting to the Church, the Church put itself under the world and the Church has been a disaster ever since. Archbishop Lefebvre resisted what happened. The leaders never understood the Archbishop. They seemed to, they behaved as though they did, they talked as though they did. But underneath, they were also young men of the modern world. And then finally, they want the Society to go the way of the Church. Unbelievable! They were taught, they had a training, they had a formation, they had an understanding of the true religion, but were unable to stand up to the world and stand up to the Council and stand up to the false Church. But no, they are now wanting to follow the false Church. Unbelievable, but it is true. That tells us how serious the problem is. The remnant that the Archbishop gathered, that the Archbishop taught, that the Archbishop trained, that the Archbishop formed, that the Archbishop raised, now all of a sudden determined to collapse.


That is how serious the problem is because that should show all of us how easy it is to slip away from true religion and join in with the world. It’s very easy. There is a strong current flowing out there: a current of Satan, a current of sin. It is a very strong current. And if you put your foot into it or get too close to it, the current snatches you away and carries you with the world and you no longer has to resist the world. You no longer have to be at odds or discredent with your family. You no longer have to resist, resist, resist. You no longer have a problem of educating your children. You just put them in the local schools and the local schools teach them all of Satan’s nonsense. And Satan is getting into the schools. Satan makes sure he gets into the schools and corrupts the youngsters. And the corruption about the things children don’t need to know about until they are rather older. The education of children is coming down from 10 to 9 to 8 to 7 to 6 and little children are horrors. Like how in the west, marriage between man and man is as man and woman. Horrors like this are taught to the little children. Horrors! Satanic horrors. Satan is into the schools.


What do we do? Firstly, we think of the quotation of St. Paul in Corinthians I: “Let he who is still standing, be careful lest he fall.” All of us need to be careful that we don’t go with the world; that we look for God, that we seek God. That we seek to honor and adore God like He should be honored and adored for instance, with the beautiful Latin Rite Mass, which is what we have today. You are honoring and adoring and loving God, as you should, by taking part and attending this Mass. Adore and love God. Seek God. Our Lord says, “Watch and pray.” Meaning, don’t just pray, but also keep your eyes open. Watch! Watch what is going around you in the world. Watch just how little the world is. Don’t be deceived by the modern world. Don’t be attracted by its plan. Don’t be attracted by its science and technology. The science and technology are not the salvation of Man. They are help for the material health and material body, but they can do nothing for the soul. Science and technology can do nothing for the soul. The soul is much more important than the body. Science and technology concern themselves with the body. They are secondary advantages – completely secondary advantages. Those primary advantages, those which help the soul, is the true religion: the Roman Catholic Religion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Then, watch and pray. Keep your eyes open. Watch what is going on around you. Think. Read, to help you to think. Read, to help you to think and understand what is going on around you. Read. Study your catechism. Study your great, basic truths which are much greater than science and technology. That very little catechism, that small little book contains far more treasure than all of modern science and all modern technology put together. Because that catechism will tell you the truths which will take you to Heaven – if you live by them. Science and technology will simply tell you things simply out of your body mostly. How to whip it around the world in a few hours or whatever. They are great in a way, but a completely secondary way. Do not be glamorized by the modern world. Do not be glamorized by the idea of progress. Do not be glamorized, or attracted to, or magnetized by modern politicians, because most of them are democratic. Most of them stay clear not to be superior to the Crown. They don’t pretend to want to raise the crowd. The crowd is happy with politicians to tell them that they are wonderful as they are. And now much worse than the politicians, people have priest who tell them they are wonderful as they are. They don’t need to confer. They don’t need to get out of their sins. They don’t need to be Catholics. They don’t need ot go to confession. That’s what priests are now saying. “You don’t need to pray the Rosary.” No, no, no. All of those old fashioned Catholic things are what we do need in order

to get into Heaven. Therefore, pray, watch. Watch, read, and pray. Pray especially the Rosary. Because the Rosary is the prayer given to us by the Mother of God herself. It’s very powerful. Pray at least five Mysteries a day, and for many of us, it’s much easier than we think to pray all fifteen Mysteries each day. Strongly recommended, because the Rosary is so powerful. All fifteen Mysteries is that much more powerful than five. If a mother has many children and has to look after her children, or if a man has to spend all day working too hard, maybe he can’t pray the Rosary. But it’s much easier than you think. For instance, the finger rosary, you can pray on your way to work on the bus or the train when going to work in the morning and coming back in the evening. It’s very easy to pray a finger rosary without even attracting attention. Because if you do use a rosary it attracts attention, but it’s in a bus. There’s not much that you or I can do for our fellow man today. They don’t listen. They can’t listen. They don’t think. They can’t think. They don’t want to think. They don’t want to because thinking will take them back to God eventually. They don’t want to go back to God. Satan encourages people not to think. Satan cripples people’s ability to think. Satan fills people’s heads with nonsense and contradictions so that they can’t think. And without thinking, they arrive at death without having thought about what life is about. They arrive at death in no condition to die and go to Heaven. Absolutely in a condition to fall into Hell. Then watch, pray the rosary, and read.


There is a community forming outside Chennai. It’s a lovely idea, but make sure you solve the problem of authority first, because a community without an authority is not possible. A society must have authority. And that authority today is not easy. The authority ultimately comes from the pope. The authority of the Catholic Church comes all the way down from the pope. Throughout the whole of Christian civilization, authority used to come from the pope. The Protestants broke away, but the Protestants had learned habits of authority from the Catholic Church. Therefore the Protestant countries still have authority. Authority is natural, but today in democracy and the modern idea is liberalism is dissolving all authority. And the liberalism has got inside of the Church and the liberalism is now dissolving. Pope Francis is giving an example many people scorning authority. He is encouraging people to scorn authority. Instead of behaving like a dignified head of the Church and a representative of Our Lord Jesus Christ, he goes around with a clown’s nose stuck to his face. Can you imagine Our Divine Lord doing that? Can you imagine St. Thomas the Apostle going around with a clown’s nose stuck to his face? This poor pope has lost all sense of authority and of dignity of Our Lord. If he had any sense of Our Lord, he wouldn’t behave like that as Our Lord’s representative. To flee the modern city is a good idea because the modern city is very corrupt. But if you form outside, you must do what you can to foresee the problem of a lack of authority. You must do what you can to see that there would be authority. With all the communities together, please God it will flourish.


It is difficult today. “The shepherd is struck,” says Our Lord. It was actually an Old Testament prophet Zachariah. It’s was and Old Testament Prophet who said, “The shepherd is struck and the sheep are scattered.” Our Lord quoted that in the Garden of Gethsemane, referring of course to Himself. The scribes and the Pharisees were going to lay their hands on Christ and were going to throw Him into prison for the night and crucify Him the following day. The shepherd was struck. Jesus was the shepherd and He was struck. He was the Good Shepherd, He was struck and the Apostles were scattered. Immediately after Jesus was hit by Judas and the rabble guard of the temple, the Apostles ran. Peter was a man. Peter was virile. Peter had a sword. Peter loved his master. He wanted to defend his master. He wanted to do something. He said that he had to do

something; his master had been betrayed by the horrible Judas and the rabble. I’m going to fight. He immediately picks up his sword and practices carving lessons left and right. Off flies an ear of one of the priest’s servants. Our Lord says to Peter, “Put your sword away.” And then Peter says, “I don’t get it. I wanted to defend my master, but He doesn’t want to be defended. I don’t understand any longer.” And off he ran. Notice the human idea of what can be done and should be done. Peter is a man, no doubt about that. But, it is not what Our Lord wanted at that moment. What does Our Lord want today when His Church is being crucified? It is not necessarily that kind of action for you and I, as men for instance, or as for women, might think of. What does He want? What did he want then? Think also of the Way of the Cross. There was a king of France who converted, called Clovis. When he was converted he learned about the Passion. When he learned about the Passion, King Clovis said, “If I had been there with three hundred of my men, that would never have happened. Our Lord would never have been crucified. My men I would have cleaned up and killed them all. That was another viril reaction, but it was not what Our Lord wanted. Out Lord wanted to die on the Cross. It wasn’t His fault. He didn’t want the fault of Judas, or of the scribes and those that killed Him….


…If God granted us the privilege of martyrdom, it is a great privilege. It is the fast lift that goes straight to Heaven. I don’t have to go through Purgatory if I die a martyr. Remember the story of little Johnny in the classroom. The mistress had explained to all the children in the classroom, “Children, if you die a martyr, you go straight to Heaven. Tell me who wants to get martyred?” All the little hands shot up, except the hand of Johnny. “Johnny, don’t you want to be a martyr?” “I want my sister to be a martyr.” He didn’t want to have to die himself, but he was very happy to get rid of his little sister. So said Johnny. Well, my friends, martyrdom is in fact a great gift. They may behead us and that is something, if and when it comes, that is something stupendous that you or I could do. I don’t know whether you or I will be chosen for it by God. It’s a great privilege. St. Francis Xavier did not die a martyr. He was a tremendous worker for Our Lord. People through the whole East know it, but he did not die a martyr. He died a natural death of exhaustion. You might say he was a like-martyr.


Dear friends the future is utterly unsleepable. We stand under the shadow of great chastisement. What we should do now and then, especially watch, pray, read, think. If we can’t do something more, that’s fine. If we can’t do something more, it’s normal in this grave situation with the world and the Church today. But if we are faithful in little things, it’s possible for us to be asked by God to do the great things and that is to shed our blood for Our Lord and for the truth. That will be a great help for the Church to be reborn – as the Church will be reborn. The Church will have harmony. The Church will rise again. For one great and glorious triumph, and after that I think comes the anti-Christ. In any case my dear friedns, pray the Rosary, keep the Faith, and continue to get the true Mass and the true sacraments with the help of Our Lady.

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