title : Declaration of Resistance
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Declaration of Resistance


Appeal to the Faithful

Faithful to the heritage of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and in particular to his memorable Declaration of the 21st November 1974, "We adhere with all our heart, with all our soul, to Catholic Rome, guardian of the Catholic faith and the necessary conditions to maintain this faith, to eternal Rome mistress of wisdom and truth."

According to the example of this great prelate, intrepid defender of the of the Church and the Apostolic See, "we refuse on the contrary and have always refused to follow neo-modernist and neo-protestant Rome which clearly manifested itself at the second Vatican council and after the council, in all the reforms and orientations which followed it."

Since the year 2000 and in particular from 2012 the authorities of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X have taken the opposite direction of aligning themselves with modernist Rome.

The Doctrinal Declaration of the 15th April 2012, followed by the exclusion of a bishop and numerous prlesb and confirmed by the condemnation of the book, fionseigneur Lefebvre, Our Relations with Rome', all that shows the pertinacity in this direction which leads to death.

No authority, even th ehighest in the hierarchy, can make us abandon or diminish our Catholic Faith clearly expressed by the Magisterium of the Church for twenty centuries. Under the protection of Our LadyGuardian of the Faith, we intend to follow operation survival begun by Abp. Lefebvre.

In consequence,in these tragic circumstances in which we find ourselves,we put our priesthood at the disposal of all those who want to remain faithful in the combat for the Faith.This is why from now on, we are committed to respond to the demands which will be made on us, to sustain your families in their educational duties,to offer the priestly formation to youngmen who desire it, to safeguard the Mass, the sacraments and the doctrinal formation, everywhere we are required to do so.

As for you,we exhort you to be zealous apostles for the reign of Christ the King and Mary our Queen.

Long Live Christ our King!

Our Lady Guardian of the Faith,protect us!

Saint Pius X, pray for us!

The 7th January 2014


We are at the disposal of our brother priests: several have not been able or have not wished, for the moment to associate themselves with our stance. That they do not hesitate to make contact with us (discretion assured).


We are even at the disposal of the traditional religious communities who understand the extreme gravity of the actual situation.


1.Abbede Merode (prior,France)

2. Father Koller(prior,France)

3. Father Vignalou (France)

4. Father Hubert de Sainte-Marie Lamb(France)

5.Father Nicolas Pinaud (France)

6. Father Matthew Salenave (France)

7. Father Olivier Rioult (France)

8. Father Pierre-Marie OP and 10 other fathers Avrille

19. OSB Father Bruno (France)

20. April father, founder of the work of Our Lady of Salerans (France)

21.Father Raffali and community Stellamarins (France)

22. Abbe Picot (Kenya)

23.Father Jean-MichelFaure (South America, Member of Chapter 2012)

24.Father Chazal (Asia)

25.Father Florian Abrahamowicz (ltaly)

26.Fathe Bruhwiller (Switzerland)

27.Abbot Martin Fuchs (Austria)

28.Father Girouard (Canada)

29.Father David Hewko (USA)

30.Abbe pierre-Celestin Ondo Ndong (Gabon)

31.Father Ernesto Cardozo(Brazil)

32.Father Arturo Vargas(Mexico)

33.Father Fernando Altamira (Colombia)

34.Abbot Hugo Ruiz (Mexico)

35. Father Juan Carlos Ortiz (Australia)

37.Father Eduardo Suelo (Asia)

38.Father Richard Voigt (USA)

39.Father Arnold Trauner (Austria)

40.Father Trincado (Mexico)

41.Father Valan Rajkunan (Asia)

42.Father Raphael Arizaga OSB(Mexico)

43. Father Thomas Aquinas Ferreira da Costa OSB (Brazil)

44.Father Jahir Brito, FMBV (Brazil)

45. Father Danie Joaquim Maria Sant'ana, FMBV (Brazil)

Why I signed our address to the faithful by Father Bruno

Some accuse us of being restless, excessive, to be driven by impatience or a bitter zeal. I can truly say that I wrote the following "no bitterness,no resentment" (Lefebvre, Declarationof 21 November 1974) vis-à-vis anyone lines.

I entered Bedoin in 1980, ordained priest by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1986, I left Barroux in2002. I then held vanous departments in the district of France of the Fraternity. To date (19 January 2014), I am stationed at Priory Gavrus near Caen.

In recent years, I have observed with growing concern the signs that show a change of mindset in Tradition. I repeatedly opened up to the District Superior of France, the Abbe de Cacqueray. I also wrote, in April2012, to Bishop Fellay himself (letter remained unanswered).

Many colleagues and faithful certainly already know my position. Butfor months it appeared to me more clearly the need to express things publicly, officially, my categorical refusal to shift to what the General House seeks to impose.

I can no longer in good conscience be robbed of that duty.

The priest must love the truth more than anything.

Thepriest must bear witness to the truth at any cost.

The priest must denounce the same mistake when it comes from the top, regardless of the consequences he may suffer.

He must do so firstly, because he is the representative and the Minister of Our Lord, who proclaimed during his Passion: "lf I was born, so I came into this world, to testify to the truth . "

He also must because it is the service of souls: our dear faithful have a right to the truth, and they expect their pastors to have a clear position,therefore public.

This is the meaning of our "address to the faithful, "the drafting of which I had the grace to participate. lt is not a declaration of failure, but rather the public witness of our unwavering commitment to the principles that have guided the Archbishop in the fight of the faith.

Our text is deliberately short,and some of the faithful are hardly aware of the events of the past two years in Tradition, some guidance can help them to grasp the scope of the "address".

I-The first two paragraphs, and the fifth ("Noauthority ..."), are borrowed, except for one detail, from the Declaration of Loyalty (published several times, including August 15, 2013), taking and adapting the Declaration of Archbishop Lefebvreon 21 November 1974, which is the charter of the Catholic resistance to the conciliar religion.

II -The fourth paragraph mentions three elements: a doctrinal statement, excluding members of the Fraternity, the conviction (banning) of a book.

1)"Doctrinal Statementof 15 April 2012" the text presented to Rome by Bishop Fellay is outrageous and unacceptable. To take just one example, he recognized the legitimacy of the promulgation of the new Mass. Moreover, when a year later the document was published in Cor unum, Bishop Fellay claimed to have done" as Archbishop Lefebvredid in 1988." There is an objectively a grave offense to the memory of the Bishop: who never has recognized the legitimacy of the promulgation of bastard Mass' as he called it in a memorable sermon of 1976.

2) "The exclusion of a bishop and many priests"should be added other sanctions, particularly the conviction of Abbe Pinaud. The sentence is null and void but does not detract from its truly odious character.

This second point is closely related to the first: it is very significant that the text strikes at Father Pinaud suspension to acknowledge our colleague had said about the Declaration of 15 April was "a danger to the faith," which is perfectly correct.

3) "The condemnation of Archbishop Lefebvre book, Our relations with Rome" : lt is based on a study of 16 pages. unsigned, but the Abbe Thouvenot states that it "substantially corroborates the judgment" of Bishop Fellay. This "review" includes outrageous passages. Note that this is probably the most serious: The author of this note which substantially corroborates the judgment of Bishop Fellay criticizes Abbe Woodpecker "to focus on speciflc aspects" (p.7). And the example he gives is that soon ... Christ the King. Particular aspect? lt is instead the idea of Archbishop Lefebvre! 'We must always be concerned about [the reign of Our Lord]" (Sermon for the Feast of Christ the King, 1978). "We have to be, I would say, almost obsessed with this need, by the need to meditate on this mystery of our Lord and spread his reign. We have no other purpose or other reason to be priests but for reign Our Lord Jesus Christ "(conference Econe, June3, 1980)... This is very general thoughts, some would say. But when it comes specifically relations with Rome, it is very precisely that "Father Woodpecker argues that 'it is this loyalty [Christ the King] that plays all the drama between Rome and Econe"'(p.7). Discerned from the words of my lord: "The real fundamental opposition is the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ Oportet illum regnare,he must reign, St. Paul tells us, Our Lord, come to rule. They say no, we say yes,with all the popes "(conference Sierre November 27, 1988). When in 1976 the nuncio claims that the social reign of Our Lord is no longer possible, and that the Pope would not write any more the encyclical Quas primas today(Pius XI), the prelate was indignant: "We are no longer the same religion![...]1f there is something we have been looking for all our lives, it is the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ "(conference Econe, August 20, 1976). And in 1987, at a conference for priests, he brings his reply to Cardinal Ratzinger: "Our apostolate is the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ. That's what we are. And  you do the opposite "(Econe,4 September 1987).

III In the sixth paragraph, we place our joumey of faith under the protection of "Our Lady Guardian of the Faith." This is the title of the Virgin Bourguillon sanctuary near Freiburg, where Bishop led his first seminarians to devote his nascent work at Our Lady Guardian of the Faith.

Over forty years later, when a terrible crisis shakes Tradition, we must do everything to save the legacy of Archbishop Lefebvre: The Fraternity, as an institution, may disappear or at least lose its identity (i.e.which is, alas happening),but the legacy of the Monsignor: his mind, his principles, his fight in the service of Christ the King and Holy Church, this heritage can not, must not disappear. With the grace of God and the help of the lmmaculate Heart of Mary, we will maintain.

"The first evidence of loyalty and love that the priest has to give God and men, wrote Father Calmelis to keep intact the infinitely precious deposit that was entrusted to him when the bishop laid his hands. "

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