title : Dec 29th 2013 The. Mass Sermon by Fr.Chazal
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Sunday after Christmas

Sunday December  29th 2013


Yesterday we celebrared the feast of the holy innocent, a most timely feast for our age which is the age of abortion and all kinds of sins against the little ones.

 Indeed the devil is being disturbed at the coming of this little child, his tranquility is disturbed. The Dragon’s siesta is over, trouble is coming in the kingdom of Lucifer.

 When the magi came in Jerusalem asking for the same little child , the whole city of Jerusalem was turned upside down.

 Then it is Simeon who says that this chlid is for the ruin of many, the salvation of many, and a sign that shall be contradicted.

 Even the most tender and sweetest heart of Mary is going to feel the cold blade. If there is a happy mother, it is she… only to learn that great torments are awaiting her.

 It is because our Lord has come to overthrow sin, his aim is war, not dialogue with the world of sin.

 Therefore the real Christmas is not Christmasy; it is not a feelgoodry, a shopping season, a vacation time, a party time, the advent of Santa Claus.

 But it is still a cute little baby. What is wonderful to see is the nervousness of Satan in front of that most charming little baby.

 Our Lord is not coming with Tanks, airplanes and submarines. His following is close to nothing.

 So, tell me Lucifer, what’s the worry about?

 The worry is the divinity of this child, and the power that he wields… grace.

 That power is mentionned in the preface; the priest says “as we know him now visibly, we are taken away by an invisible love.”

 Invisible love; what a perfect name for grace or divine power!

 God leaves to Satan the power of money, the power of evil rulers, the power of the vanities of this glittering and lying world. Today we even see the power of the devil in working prodigies, seducing even the elect, the power to infiltrate also the Catholic church.

 Yet, the power of God remains: a wonderful invisible love, easy to attain as long as humility is there. As long as we take a little a little time to pray, or listen to God; and as long as we do penance for our sins (and God is not asking us the impossible), divine love is found.

 And the preface of the nativity says “rapiamur” which means “ we are taken away.” Away from what?

 We are taken away from all the miserable loves of this world, whose power of seduction is ruined by the heavenly touch of God, upon our souls.

 The devil knows that our soul is the battlefield. It is there that christ fights. He is a conqueror of souls. He is a beloved king of love; he is divine. Therefore he wants the center of what we are. He wants our hearts and souls.

 The rest he can leave to Satan, no problem.

 We see that today, in the crisis of the Catholic church… how it is easy for God to do without the big institutions, the powerful buildings, bishoprics, massive school, hospital, religious orders etc.

 Providence can use these means, but does not require them, especially when it is time to start all over again and rebuild the church.

 So you are here, my dear faithfuls, to learn how to let your heart be taken away by the power of grace.

 Our lady is a big help in this. She exudes grace. She exults in God constantly. Others leap with joy at her appoach. She is in a constant state of admiration of the wonderful ways of her son and she adores him all the time, ceaselessly, in a great flame.

 May she teach us to do the same, as her heart gets ready to smite Satan and all his modern constructions.

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